Russian Defense Minister, Sergei ShoiguThis Tuesday, March 29, 2022 warned that members of Russia would respond NATO will supply warplanes And air defense systems Ukraine To help him fight the Russian troops.

“We are monitoring the statements of the leaders of the different NATO countries about the intention to provide air and air defense systems in Ukraine,” the minister noted.

“If they do, we will respond appropriately,” he added.

Ukraine request

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZelenskyStrongly asked the West Fighter planes and tanksAnd it has been said that he only wanted 1% of this military equipment Atlantic Alliance That country has been waiting for more than 30 days.

Recently Poland Recommended To transfer Using warplanes in Ukraine as a mediator AmericaThat’s an offer Washington He declined because of the risks involved.

“Delays with planes cost thousands of Ukrainian lives,” Zelensky said.

Also Secretary General Dr. NATOJens Stoltenberg, Support has ruled out sending aircraft to Ukraine.

Shoigu confirms that lethal weapons are being supplied to Ukraine by Westerners. “Irresponsible

“The uncontrolled arming of the population and the tenants is exacerbating the situation and could ultimately pose a threat to Europeans themselves,” he noted.

He further added that Russia had “about 600 foreign mercenaries and more than 500 left the country” in the last two weeks of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

Russian army

Shoigu, who praised the “great professionalism, courage and selflessness” of the Russian military in Ukraine, reiterated that “the main tasks of the first phase of the special military operation have been completed,” at which point he said “the armed forces have suffered significant losses in Ukraine.”

“It allows us to focus on our main focus and our main effort in achieving our core goal: the release of Donbass,” he said, although analysts British and American intelligence They have not yet seen any sign of Russian troops moving east from various fronts.

He reiterated that “air dominance has been achieved. The air force and the air defense system have been virtually destroyed.”

He said that There were 152 aircraft in composition Fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces before the start of the operation, 123 were destroyed, Of 159 out of 149 helicopters, 77 and 180 long and medium range air defense systems.

He reiterated that “the country’s navy has ceased to exist” and that all structures of ground and air attack forces suffered significant losses.

In the midst of talks between Russian and Ukrainian envoys in Istanbul today, Shoigu assured that the military offensive would “continue until the intended goal is achieved”, including the “denuclearization” and “demilitarization” of Ukraine, as well as the “liberation” of Donbass.

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