There has been heavy rain in several areas Guayaquil Monday, April 11, 2022 afternoon and evening Flood Y. Traffic jam.

Moving in a bucket has been created Situation room Of Corporation For Civil security From Guayaquil (CSCG), from which the evolution of the storm was followed.

Video surveillance systems were used to collect water at six points in the city, including Through A To giveThrough Circumference Y. Ordesa.

In contrast the company Imapag Integrated with concessional Interguar to deploy four vehicles Hydrocliners Serve this sector. The purpose was to drain the water, which was acquired when the rains stopped.

According to the first report, in Paradise Of Flowers A flood has been registered, why the parties Fireman And of Direction From Management From Risk.

A Team From Evaluation From Demand (EDAN) will analyze the situation in the area in the next few hours, arrange the number of victims and possible assistance.

At 22:00 it was reported that the water level had already dropped and there were no reports of injuries or deaths.

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