With Rafael Leo as the hero, Stefano Pioli’s side beat Sassuolo on the final day (0-3).

Milan players celebrate Scudetto.
Milan players celebrate Scudetto.EFE

Part of ‘Rason’ Milan I smiled again. His team, unstoppable in this crucial final expansion of the season, has done the rest to achieve a historic ‘scudeto’, the 19th in its history, the first since 2011, with a great win. Sassuolo (0-3).

Milon has come relying on himself. One point made them champions, but a new surprise in this unexpected series A, Vertigo, matched as much as possible until this last day, flew over the heads of the spectators in Sassuolo, followed by a crowd of Milanese ‘Tifosi’ who rebuilt San Siro. .

But Milan did not raise suspicions, not even for a minute. He ran over a Sassuolo that was no longer at risk and closed out the championship in the first half, leaving in the second half for hugs, laughter, songs and celebrations.

Portuguese Rafael Leo He showed again that he is much better physically. The player exploded in the right season for Milan and was crucial again in the most important game. Robb in midfield, gave the first drive, to the French in the 15th minute Olivia GiroudThose have all been big dates.

But after half an hour, Leo did the same thing again. He pressed his body, stole into a dangerous area, danced behind two ‘Nerowardi’ defenders and once again gave another ball to a Giroud who was in a good position again. A ‘deja vu‘Expressed insanity in Sassuolo, but from fans’Roson‘, That shows the champion.

And three minutes later, at Sassuolo’s size, the stadium must have looked like San Siro. Liao completes his assist hat trick as soon as he reaches the baseline CaseyLike an earthquake entering from behind, play shots and phrases.

The second part was an anecdote. The job is done, Milan are gone and, although impressive, it was not like the first half. Technician Stefano PioliThe architect of much of this Milan has embraced every change he has made.

The role of Ibrahimovic

The players have celebrated him, a coach who has quietly won in the locker room and found the key to one more step, always shaking hands with a great Leo in Milan. She opened her alternate nipples Ibrahimovic And it was celebrated at the stand as if it was 0-4.

Sweden is a basic man in the locker room and although he has not been as determined on the pitch this season due to injury, fans have an immense affection for him. For a moment, it seemed like the most perfect afternoon, but the assistant flag hoisted just as Ibrahimovic began to raise his target.

Peoli was released from the bench. He raised his arm, sprinkled water with his teammates, cheered on the stand. Milan became champions, nothing could stop them, they achieved.

Eleven years later, Milan are celebrating becoming Serie A champions. It is the 19th in its history, the first of its kind to aim for greater success.

The referee blew the whistle, Milan celebrated. The only players who didn’t wear red and black on the field were well separated from their second kit when they attacked the field by themselves, who returned to the top more than a decade later.

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