The new Transform test coincides with the second academic period of 2022. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO.

Secretary of Higher Education (Sensisit) This Thursday, June 23, 2022, reported the new registration date Test conversion, Which will be between Saturday 25th and Tuesday 28th June The assessment is one of the steps related to the admission process for the second academic period of the year and will be online on page

The New applicants Higher education needs to create an account for this process, Sensit pointed out. Meanwhile, those who already have a username and password from the previous admission process will not need to create it, as they can register at the same time. Certificate.

The registered youth must have one Bachelor’s degree Or stay in the third year of high school during the reign Sierra-Amazon, Academic period 2021-2022. In addition, the Secretariat indicates that it is essential that applicants do not have a recognized quota in the previous term. The exception to this is a request submitted in this case Go back to higher education. If so, enrollment will be conditional until the application is approved or denied.

Another important aspect to consider for registration is that the bachelor’s degree must be registered Ministry of Education. And in the case of foreign students it has to be ApprovedSo that they do not have problems at the following stages of the admission process, says Sensit.

Enrollment steps

Those who want to take the Transform test and meet Requirements They must register on the platform established by the Secretary of Higher Education. There they must enter their username and password and register their personal data, fill out Registration tab.

The information provided cannot be corrected, Senescyt pointed out. For this reason, he asked applicants to review carefully Enter the information. Once done, it’s important to save Vouchers Completes the whole process.

If the applicant No internet or technical equipment (Computer and webcam) If you want to take the assessment from your home, you must mention it in the registration. In this case, Senescyt will personally determine a place for the test.

Also, sensitivity has been hinted at on the web portal, Applicants will be able to find answers to their doubts. There is a detailed document that contains Frequently Asked Questions About this phase of the admission process. If concerns continue with this, the Secretariat says applicants can contact the entity through its official channel.

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