The Interpreter Of Urban style Sebastian has been the subject of travels with many users Internet The reason is spoken Filtration Where a porn video, Presumably, Appeared. However, the artist said He climbed He was not in that clip.

For a while now, Race The singer has arrived Climb Thanks for her presence at the 2022 Oscars and her Bet ‘Once upon a time, but no more’, of the series Netflix Which premiered in March 2022.

But this time Netizen He speaks of the artist for something foreign Artistic career. Many users spread a Intimate video Filtered, specified that the journey was the person who attended it.

Although the singer was not Sure You are not denying Confirmation Earlier, rumors circulated that Red Hill’s interpreter had decided to speak out Publicly Inside Social media About the subject

Among them Stories From InstagramJatra uploaded a video in a car with two of his friends. In the clip, he talks about Video Content for AdultsSure he wasn’t there.

“I just saw a porn video of a man Identical I wanted to tell you, “he said with a laugh.

Although it was not a Statement ExtendedThe singer made it clear that Rumors Which is promoted on social networks False.

Several netizens have commented on this. Something Sure The Confirmation D Jatra, indicates that they have already watched the video in detail and in fact, it was a person like him.

On the other hand, users have expressed that they do not believe Confirmation Interpreter of ‘Traicionera’.

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