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The Luis Humberto Salgado Orchestra brings together the best talents of the Alja Alza Foundation at a national level. Each year, the orchestra invites renowned national and international artists to perform seasonal music with the orchestra. In 2022, Kevin Morales, a master trumpeter based in Germany, traveled to Ecuador to present a concert of European academic music, where the works of great masters such as Vivaldi, Bach and Ecuadorian popular music could be heard.

Luis Humberto Salgado Orchestra Born in September 2019 ৷ Since its inception, it has played with famous national and foreign artists such as Alex Allercon (piano), Mateo Sally (cello) and Stephen Redfield (violin) among others. The orchestra has performed at important stages across the country, including the Santa Clara Monastery in Quito, Ibarra Cathedral, the CCE Auditorium, the Nucleus Bolivar, and others.


  • Sonata for Jean-Marie Leclair’s two violins
  • Cannon of Patchelbell
  • 4 seasons, summer, Antonio Vivaldi
  • G, P, Teleman’s D Major Concert Sonata
  • J. Hayden Trumpet Concerto



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