By Lydia Ngoolo

Eastern Regional Director of Education, William Sugut, has called upon institutions to be vigilant on drug and substance use among students.

Sugut noted that by being alert, school administrations will be able to get intervention in good time as all government agencies are working together towards alleviating drug cases in learning institutions.

“Let the schools check the environment keenly. You can also use sniffer dogs as well as embracing guidance and counseling,” said Sugut.

The director said this while commissioning eight CBC classrooms in Makueni County schools; among them Makueni Boys, Ukia Girls and Mwaani Girls where he reminded the students that use of drugs has never helped anybody and that they should avoid it.

“In Phase One, we are doing 1,451 CBC classrooms as a region and in Makueni County we are constructing 255 classrooms. In terms of completion per counties in Eastern, Makueni is at 95, Tharaka 94, Isiolo 82, Embu 98, Kitui 99, Marsabit, Machakos and Meru are at 100 percent,” he said.

While at Makueni Boys High School, he congratulated the school for the newly unveiled facility, stating that it was the best class he has seen not only in the county but in the entire region.

He commended the school for producing one of the best students in the presidential awards recently.

Makueni Boy’s Chief Principal, Raphael Diwani, said he will not take that for granted and will put more efforts together with his team to continue shaping the students academically as well as giving out quality works in terms of infrastructure.

Sugut further said the government is doing all it takes in schools for smooth running of education, warning students not to be involved in damaging property and instead use the right available channels in addressing their challenges.

“Take care of the property around you and know its value. I always tell principals if any student wants to burn a school, open gates for them to go and burn their parents houses then come back when done if at all they can dare,” remarked Sugut.

He however warned girls that they should not be cheated by anybody that they are ripe for marriage.

“Wait until time is ripe and face the men who will come to your parents’ house to ask for a hand in marriage not those crossing or jumping over the fences at night,” he added.

Eastern Regional Director of Quality Assurance, Simon Maina, called upon schools which have not completed the CBC classroom construction to do so for commissioning and in preparedness for Junior Secondary School.

“I call upon contractors to do quality works and in case there is a problem talk to us,” said Maina.

Others who accompanied the regional director are Makueni County Director of Education, James Gachugi, Sub-county Director of Education, Onduso Magara, Makueni County Quality Assurance Officer, Samson Arodi, and DCC, Joel Mwangala among others.

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