The best Spaniard was Sergio Garcia who finished 23rd, and John Rahm finished 27th.

Scott Scheffler with the green jacket which recognized him as the winner of the Augusta Masters.
Scott Scheffler with the green jacket which recognized him as the winner of the Augusta Masters.Andrew ReddingtonAFP

Late, but just in time for the last time, spring came Augusta Masters. Although Scotty Scheffler Slightly hot, cold, it seems to care about what a regular tournament or a major Tiger Reappear or what Rory Do the magic to get the Masters, the only major that is missing to fulfill his Grand Slam. Scheffler goes his own thing, and his thing is victory; He’s done it four times in the last 56 days, but today’s big thing is, it’s the Augusta Masters, the only thing that has changed since Schaefler that hasn’t been able to finish wins to more savers than him. ক্যা 10 million a month and a half Ted Scott. I would take the bag Bubba WatsonHelps him win two green jackets.

The North Americans came out with a three-shot advantage on the final day and were able to stay in control of the complex 18 holes. Augusta National. His 1-card helped him manage his advantages intelligently in showing control and dominance within the reach of only a select few in the golf world. It was Rory McIlroy To put pressure on the leader who puts the most pressure. Rory signed a round of 64 strokes with a delightful moment in the 18th hole, sinking a complex exit from the bunker, seconds later, Colin Marikawa She imitated him from the arena and the Masters restored his magic, a moment of the year. It didn’t take long for Schaefler to respond, after all, his calmness fascinated him to leave the result of 10 strokes even and wear green. There was a moment of concern in the 18th hole, where excess relaxation instead of pressure led him to sign four improbable putts and conclude with a doubleboggy without major consequences in the classification.

Sergio Garcia, the best Spanish

The best was Spanish Sergio Garcia He finished 23rd in the day thanks to an A-1 card. “I’m glad to have the best personal lap of the week, although I probably hit the ball the worst that day”, but his attitude was much more positive than at the start of the week and Sergio’s feeling which made him optimistic about the future; “I have work to do, I have a lot of work left. But little by little we are getting closer to achieving something big. It remains for me to gain confidence, when you don’t hit him well, you have to work on it like you can get things done … maybe this is what Scotty Schaefler is feeling right now, even if it’s a hit Hope you don’t go there, he still sees it as much as possible. “

Tiger’s complex farewell

For your part John Raham He finished -3 and his best result of the week, 27th. Shared an unforgettable match with Raham Tiger Woods. “One of the most entertaining Sundays and the game with Tiger, which took away all my stress … all eyes were on him. I enjoyed it as a player and more spectators. Playing with Tiger on Sunday, though it is not. “It simply came to our notice then. The Tigers had to sign a round of 78 shots, the last holes being a litmus test for the Californians, whose legs were suffering from all the effort of the week. “Tiger is the way he is … his ankles, his legs are all there … the incredible thing is that he played four days and the first two he played at that stage,” Rahm analyzed. Pictures of the week were felt, Woods struggling to get off the stage and walking lame, exhausted. He finds support in his mother’s arms Kuthilda, His child and his girlfriend. Woods was excited and as Woods literally dragged his feet off the field, he had to use his younger son Charlie as a cane. “Thank you tiger,” one visitor shouted twice. Tiger has just confirmed that he will be safe Open Championship July in St. Andrews and he will try his best to compete within a month PGA Championship.

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