A Holidays Ecuador’s coastal sector was inhabited without major development in terms of emergency and with a significant influx of people. Inside St. HelenThe beach has been visited by many TouristsBut in some cases because they were only people who came in the day Occupy the hotel Didn’t reach other holiday levels.

Jefferson Tigrero, manager of the Santa Elena Municipal Tourism Company in the province of the same name, said. “On Saturday we had 40% occupancy, yesterday (Sunday) it was 50% and today (Monday) it is already declining,” the official explained.

According to him, in Spa Most are visited Montanita, Olan Y. Ayangu. “Beach capacity was 70% and 80%.”

Tigrero considers lifting the obligation to use Mask Inside Open space, Did not affect the tourist movement. During the carnival holidays, when used Required This material, was more Tourists.

What could be affected Occupation The hotel industry school year begins Coastal rule, Since there is the cost of family uniforms and school supplies. And there are already several schools Face to face class.

For its part, Ecuador’s Transit Commission (CTE) Reported that from Friday, April 29 to Monday, May 2 at 4:00 pm, a total of 70,405 vehicles left the coastal road through the Chongan toll. This is a step towards the main Spa Guas and Santa Elena. Saturday, April 30 was the busiest day with 24,863 vehicles.


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