Citizens gathered this Friday, June 24, 2022, to demand justice for Eduardo Iniesta, who lost his life during a clash in the middle of the world sector. Photo: The Trade

Citizens of San Antonio de Pichincha Parish gathered on the main street of the sector this Friday, June 24, at 3:15 pm to demand justice. Franco Eduardo Inige CamachoThose who died during the clash Army, police and protesters Thursday night, June 23rd.

Dozens of neighbors St. Anthony They were present at the wake of the 37-year-old man. Prayers and cries were heard from relatives.

Eduardo Eniguez was present during the castle FaceI feel like I lived near the neighborhood sector Caspigasi, According to Radio TV Mitad del Mundo. The deaths of civilians have angered protesters who have blamed uniformed men for Inige’s death.

The rally lasted for about 45 minutes, with people constantly shouting: “The united people will never be defeated” or slogans such as: “We want justice.”

There is also San Antonio this Friday Declared “dAnd mourning, ”according to residents of the sector. Tracks clear by 4:20 pm; Both Maresa Roundabout and Los Pazaros Roundabout.

# Violent clashes between soldiers, police officers and protesters in San Antonio de Pichincha, north of Quito. Government says 5 soldiers abducted »

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