With a view of a potential Inheritance Per President Guadeloupe Lori (Pachakutik, PK), works closely with the first vice president, Virgilio Sakisela (Ind.) Opposition That OfficialismIn which he was a strong close friend.

“I am not an improvised politician,” said Sakisela. “I was a councilor in Azñguuess, the capital of Cañar, and I have been its mayor in the past because of the Creo movement.

Even then he came to Parliament during this period Assembly From Democracy Yes. When Caesar Mange (+), Director From Faith Y. Assembly In that shop, he assembled the majority Parliamentary To give him Rule A Lasso, Called Saquicela. Thus, the National Agreement Block (BAN) was created.


Formed an alliance with Manga Five-legged And keep a like The President Of Assembly A Lorry in Guadalupe; And your friend SakiselaAs the first Vice President. He believes it has confirmed an attachment Executive If after a while, I cried Was Employed His Continuity In front of it Assembly. There was so much hope that it was not implemented by Marcelo Cabrera Was the first Vice President Of Legislature And must go ExecutiveAs a minister Transportation Y. Public works.

Location change

Things have changed. Mange died of invasive cancer, and I cried Inside Tough rope. Action Legislative Saquicela’s has been decisive: Consultant Of the President Diego Ordonez has named him the hero of the archives Law From InvestmentWhen the speed path is not given The President Nor was the reporter present in the chamber.

In the process of reform and the general amnesty resolution, there was a difference with the increase in teachers’ salaries. Officialism. He assures her that he does not agree Order Through WhatsApp.

It also exits the BAN, changing its command Qualifications Of Political justice From Advice From Citizen participation (Cpccs), depending on the priorities of PSC and Correismo.

Dissent vote

Dr. met him on April 1 Eglas Of correismPSC and extremist groups Five-leggedWhen I try Reinstall The Session Of Complete That was canceled by Llori a day ago, to activate the process Dismissed.

Nathalie Arias (I think) says that Sakisela She is fascinated by the thought of becoming The new presidentAnd which pressed for some time Prohibition “Any way” to support Lori’s departure. He maintains that everyone should have Ready Per Evaluation.

“Mrs. The President Unable to build bridge Assembly, Reach dialogue, consensus and problem solving. I will stay Independent Y. Full The Function The first vice president and legislator, “said Sakisela, a 48-year-old law doctor and politician from the province of Canar.

On Wednesday, when he took control of the CAL session, a quarrel broke out with him Secretary Of Assembly, Alvaro Salazar, whom he ordered to be silenced. The next day was Expelled Of Prohibition.

A commission evaluates the implementation I cried And it is done Dismissed Its president position LegislatureSakisela is the first to inherit the post of head of parliament. He did so on behalf of the opposition, which marked the beginning of a difficult period for the executive branch.


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