Ivan Sakisela has ruled that the head of the Judicial Council should not be appointed. Photo: Video Capture

Its president said The court National justice, Evan SakiselaMove Short list That he sent Advice From Bet To nominate the holder of Citizenship and Social Control (Cpccs) Advice Of Judiciary (CJ). The incident was reported on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

On May 16, 2022, the President sent an official letter to the High Court Hernan Uloa, President of CPCs. The document states that “from this date I proceeded to withdraw the list of legal professionals sent on February 22, 2022, when I had the right to present it safely while respecting the law.” Constitution And legal certainty allows it. ”

Sakisela said she made the decision because “more than 83 days have passed since the list was sent” and from cpccsNot yet nominated owner Judiciary.

This happened later Maria del Carmen MaldonadoWho has presided over that organization since 2019, presented it Resignation Unchanged on February 2, 2022. A few days later, the judiciary plenary Vocal fasto murilo What? Caretaker presidentUnless Cpccs chooses a specific one.

In fact, last February, Sakisela asked Ulloa to expedite the appointment of delegates. National Court To preside over the Chief Justice.

In its 179 paragraph Constitution Ecuador establishes that the person presiding over the judiciary must be elected from one Short list Sent by the Presidency National Court of Justice.

Controversy over recruitment

On May 17, 2022, Saksila criticized Wolverine’s attitude and delays in appointments. He said that the president of CPCC A. Legal advice To know whether it is appropriate to select the head of the judiciary from the list of courts.

In addition, according to Saquicela, Ulloa will be consulted Judicial Council “If it has already been formed properly, it will not be necessary to appoint a president of the judiciary if it has already been formed.”

According to the president of the High Court, “the shortlist was withdrawn from the participation council to prevent arbitrariness in submitting the shortlist.”

Faced with this, Cpccs said that “it must be reviewed Statement Has been issued and it will call a press conference later.

In this case, the head of the national court warned that “there is a real and impending possibility of a new hand in the trial.”

“More than three months have passed since the shortlist was presented and they have not appointed him (the specific head of the judiciary) and they will not appoint him. They have ridiculed the constitution, the institutions and the justice of Ecuador, “said Sakisela in a tone of anger.

Procedure provided by law

That the Constitution establishes Judicial Council Must be formed Five executive representatives, Legislature, Prosecutor’s Office and Public Defender’s Office and National CourtWho will preside over it.

However, the judiciary is currently presiding Faust MurilloWHO Representative Of Assembly.

“For the first time in Ecuador’s history, a person who is not a representative of the National Court of Justice presides over a judicial council. We don’t even have a representative, a principal or an alternative, “claimed Sakisela.

The president of the court added that “as long as they want to run the constitution and the system, it is not possible to appoint the head of the Judicial Council. More importantly, because the judiciary has no voice or vote, we are not responsible for what happens in the judiciary.” Without our representatives in the department, we would not be able to determine the judicial policy that would require speed, transparency and efficiency of judicial work. ”


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