Peruvian artist Marchi has presented his new single titled Love at the Rhythm of the Sun. Photo: Courtesy Marchi Profit

Singer March profit Introducing his new single title In the rhythm of the sun. Songs that celebrate life are found in the main Digital platform Of music.

The Peruvian artist has been working on his new material ever since Florida, United States. With this new production he wants to get new followers in Ecuador.

It all started with an arpeggio

Marchi Love admits that by the end of 2020 the sun’s rhythm has begun to take shape In the midst of an epidemic.

There was a moment in the composition process Creative inspiration. The Latin artist explained that the first thing that came up arpeggio With which the song begins.

The choir was another music department that came spontaneously. Around the choir, Abstains That song is complete.

Marchi took all these elements to record Test Using your laptop and music editing software.

Ideas were put together in the studio

That thought eventually took the form of a song in collaboration with it Producer and guitarist Gerardo Manrique, a close associate of March.

After a few months of work, Jota Morelli, who plays Green DwarfParticipate in battery recording.

Then Marchi entered the studio Record voice Quality improved and already with final letter.

The To master Amiel was in charge of the mix, recognized for his work as an engineer and sound master.

With the premiere of the song Picture music Where the artist is interpreting the theme in a recording studio environment. The audiovisual was published on the artist’s official channel on YouTube.

Scholarship for composition

Marchi has been writing songs since then 20 years ago. From an early age he was immersed in the world of music and from an early age he was inspired to write songs. However, their Professional project He started as an interpreter just two years ago.

Due to the wide range of songs he has, he assures that he will present more songs of his own in a very short time.

‚ÄúSinging this song is full of pure feeling Hope For a peaceful life, a call for a love solution, a silent agreement that could be my or your story “, he commented in ballads with Latin words.

March’s third single after being released in the rhythm of the sun Fly and South. The artist announced the release of his first album title next month ‘These red lips’. He will visit Ecuador in July and present his work to the public.

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