Every ban Russia Don’t stop by the United States and the European Union. This time, it was the famous luxury brand channel that was influenced by this arrangement.

It all started on April 6, when The channel has closed all its stores in Russia. Although many other brands have decided to make the same decision, the French fashion house has decided to take this approval to another level.

The channel has stopped selling its products to outsiders Russia Who intended to bring goods into that country. This is why many Russians decided to cut off their bags from the company as a sign of protest against the influential decision.

Russian model Victoria Bonya shared a video on her Instagram account so that I was cutting a brand bag with scissors In a black caption, he wrote, “I have never seen such disrespectful treatment of customers as Chanel.”

In addition, during the video, he said that if the channel does not respect them as Russian, then why would they respect the brand? The piece has already received over 72,000 likes and 27,000 comments.

For her part, Marina Ermoshkina, a television presenter and actress, shared a video of her cutting a gray bag with garden scissors; After saying that the brand is forcing Russians to sign a document, Where they had to promise that they would never wear channel items From Russia.

“For us, the presence of the channel plays no role in our lives. We have always been the face of this brand, since childhood we have been aiming to buy a bag from this brand, but love for my country is not worth it, “he wrote in his publication.

The actress further mentioned ‘RusophobiaWhat they are feeling from the company: “I will not tolerate an accessory that decides to insult people at certain times. After all, the key is your principles, not what you carry in your hands. “

Using the hashtag ‘bibchannel’ (Farewell Channel, in Spanish), Several personalities have united against the famous brand. Another of them was DJ Katya Guseva, who cut a black bag with a chain and posted it on her Instagram account.

In her publication, she says that since she learned about the brand’s “anti-Russian” policies, she decided to remove them from her closet until the situation changed, and thus supported the challenge her friend Marina Ermoshkina started.

Channel response

This is stated in a statement issued by the famous French house ‘Insider’ Their business complies with all laws, Including trade sanctions.

This is why we have a process to ask those whose initial residence we do not know that the items they are buying will not be used in Russia.

In addition, they added that they apologize for the inconvenience caused, since “welcoming all our clients, regardless of their origin, is a priority for the channel.”


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