The Ministry of Defense of Russia orThis Saturday, February 26, 2022, he ordered the army to launch an all-out attack after he allegedly refused to sit down at the negotiating table with Kiev. The Kremlin.

“After the Ukrainian side rejected the process ConversationToday all units were instructed to launch attacks on all sides in line with the plan. OperationA spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry announced at a news conference that Igor Konashenkov.

The soldier recalls that the day before, “later Statement by the Kiev regime on its readiness for dialogue Combat operations were halted in key areas of the operation “, but now, the operation has resumed.

Konashenkov Donetsk and Lugansk noted the progress of the separatist militias, which helped them capture new cities. Army Russian Rubezhnoye side

“Today the forces of the Lugansk People’s Republic advanced 46 kilometers deep and occupied the villages of Shasti and Muratovo,” he noted, adding that Donetsk militias had advanced about 10 kilometers and occupied. Starognatovka, Otkiabrskaya and Pavlopol.

“The Battalion Nationalist They use so-called ‘bander-mobiles’, off-road vehicles with high-caliber machine guns or mortars, “he said, adding that such transport was widely used by” Syrian international terrorists “.

He also mentioned Collision in the Black SeaEarlier in the day, 82 Ukrainian border guards were reported to have “voluntarily laid down their arms” during the evacuation. Ships Russian From 16 were attacked by boats Marine UkrainianWhich he has accused of taking cover with civilian ships.

“The purpose of the attack was, first of all, to retaliate against the Ukrainian military who surrendered. Army Russian To kill Prisoner of war“Six Ukrainian speedboats sank during the collision,” he said.

Russian troops noted that there were several at the time of the clashes in the area US RQ-4 and MQ-9A drones.

“It is highly probable that US drones helped Ukrainian boats to put out fires against Black Sea Fleet ships,” he said.

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