Apparently upset, John Varela He posted a complaint on Facebook about improper charging of toll on General Ruminahui Highway.

The barber by profession lives in Fazardo and goes out several times a month Quito. His passes through the collection point are regulated to recharge the balance when it is about to expire. Her surprise was great when she arrived at the office Freeway And they told him he didn’t have ৷ I mean For.

Your check Account Status And something was wrong. Twice he marked the payment with a difference of only a few seconds. It was crowded time and he must have been standing at the bottom of the collection portal. Edwin Herrera, The road director of Pichincha prefecture, downplayed such complaints and confirmed that they must be registered to resolve isolated cases and platforms. “It doesn’t happen because the system only registers you once; we also have cameras to verify.” Herrera emphasizes the reliability of the system Payment It is Toll. “There are no failures, but users can communicate if they exist, and if there is an inappropriate charge, the balance is restored,” he added. Varela was told that 48 hours after the complaint was filed, an official would contact them to resolve the verdict. 10 days have passed and that call has not been implemented.

Ongoing claims

This is not the only incident. In between Publications On social networks, more than a hundred people commented that they had gone through a similar situation. This road is another inconvenience to the users: toll a few meters ahead Freeway There is the Colakoto Interchange, which allows cars to go upstairs Los Chilos Valley. There are signs on the portals announcing that this return will not be charged. But those who disagree.

Ines Bastidas lives in La Armenia and often travels to Colorado to buy his favorite bread. “The most expensive bread of my life has come out, because I pay double the toll.” He assures that what porticoes are indicated Exchanger. I pay more and I still live in the suburbs of Quito, ”he said, acknowledging that he never checked his account statement to make sure he paid fairly.

Herrera explains that the system allows The free way Whenever vehicles go to this area Both porches, Up and down, and not more than 15 minutes. They are automatically registered Two receipts, But within a maximum of 48 hours they are canceled.

However, it is not clear to users like Bastidas and there is no detailed information about the charging scheme FreewayOr payment time.

About 72,000 vehicles pass through the toll every day Freeway And Collacoto exchange. This represents at least USD 8 million in annual revenue of the prefecture according to the same entity. Only light vehicles pay USD 0.39 and the maximum item with six axles reaches USD 1.20.

Excessive debt

When it’s time to pay the bill at the toll office, a bad calculation stops Belen Estrella. He contacted her a month ago, aware that he had already set the balance against her and that he had received an unpleasant surprise. They told him he had 400 unpaid passes Automatic billing And his debt exceeded USD 260. Although he was impressed by the figure, he pulled out his debit card to cancel. But they assured him that they would only accept cash and he had to leave. Her husband realized that something was wrong. USD 0.39 gives 400 passes total USD 156 for toll cost. Nothing matches.

When asked for Details Steps through the sector, a Official He is told that they do not have access to the old system and must do soInternet. Page down, account.

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