Jason Tomane, of New Zealand descent, has been playing with Romania since November 2021, but he spent more time in Hungary in the summer of 2019 than was allowed, as reported by EL MUNDO. The Romanian party supported it, citing an “extraordinary situation”.

Jason Tomane, during the 2021 European Championships.
Jason Tomane, during the 2021 European Championships.Vasile Mihai-AntonioThe world
  • Exclusive The Romanian player’s Instagram could give Spain options to go to the Rugby World Cup

Its legal team Spanish Rugby Federation An appeal ahead is considered for presentation next week World Rugby After hearing the published news The world Relating to possible irregularities caused by Romanian When queuing Jason Tomane.

The Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) has announced that it has transferred this information to its legal services so that they can take action against the Romanian Federation and World Rugby. The Spanish Federation said in a statement.

The Federation understands that there is a similarity between the lawsuit published through this and the situation that occurred last April. Gavin van den Berg. The Spanish team has been barred from participating in the World Cup due to irregularities in the passport of the player of South African descent. In particular, they were A wedding photo Who revealed that the player spent more than 60 days outside the Spanish border before making his national team debut.

The same is true of Jason Toman. Players must have lived outside of Romanian territory, especially within it HungaryAbout three months in the summer of 2019. Nevertheless, the debut in November 2021 The Netherlands. After the aforementioned meeting it was from the game against Portugal, Spain and Georgia. The truth is that both passes belong to space Shenzhen The player does not give concessions, as World Rugby says in its jurisprudence.

“Exceptional Situation”

Romanian The argument is that the situation To accept It is valid as World Rugby is aware of it. “Under Romanian law, in order to obtain a valid residence visa for our country, the applicant must apply from outside the country. In all matters relating to eligibility, for example, the case was studied by the World Rugby Regulation Commission, which confirmed and supported exceptional circumstances requiring player permission.” Lets stay out of the country for longer, when a completely unrelated situation with the player prolongs the player’s visa application process, “they explain.

If there is any irregularity in the alignment of Tomane, it will not be determined. Romania does so when it accuses Spain of lining up Gavin van den Berg Prematurely. However, the International Federation understands that since the Romanians were not aware of the situation until a Russian media report, the crime was not determined.

In other words, it was considered that the rule of restraint for irregularities committed by Spain began to apply when Romania became aware of the events, not from the moment they occurred. Now, the Spanish Federation can use the same argument to have its request heard.

If this case is resolved favorably for Spain, the election of the leadership Santi Santos Can’t enter the World Cup directly, but must go Repetition. The Spanish appeal for the van den Berg case for World Rugby needs to be considered to regain second place, otherwise it will be Portugal Who will go to the World Cup?

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