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Despite its close proximity to Nairobi, Africa’s celebrated capital of digital innovation, many of the pupils of King’eero Primary School, Lower Kabete, Kiambu County, have had little to no exposure to the internet, to computers or even to smartphones. They have no idea that they can learn online and, eventually, make a living in the digital economy that is booming right outside the walls of their school.
This is set to change on Saturday, 7 th May 2022, when the school inaugurates its first-ever computer lab. The 25-computer facility will open up a world of online learning and working to its 659 pupils and 18 teachers. This initiative was made possible by a private partnership led by the Rotary Club of Lang’ata, working with Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) and other well-wishers.
Over a period of 3 years, 10 other schools in different parts of Kenya will also receive fully equipped digital labs, thanks to this initiative that is funded by members of the Rotary Club of Lang’ata, Rotary clubs within and outside of Kenya in Canada and Hong Kong, as well as private companies and other well-wishers.
In carrying out this project, the Digital Literacy for Schools initiative, the Rotary Club of Lang’ata hopes to address the exclusion of young Kenyans from poor urban, peri-urban and rural areas from Kenya’s rapidly expanding digital economy. An estimated 5,000 children and 100 teachers will receive digital skills training by the end of 2024.

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