The San Juan boxer lost by a point to British Eli Scottney for the WBA Super Bantamweight title. Two outings and two defeats for Maria Cecilia

Defeat that hit and strong at the same time. Maria Cecilia Roman still has blood in her eyes. He lost again on his second adventure abroad.
Last March he relinquished the IBF Bantamweight World Championship since 2017 and yesterday he could not take revenge.

In a draw, San Juan’s boxer unanimously lost to Englishwoman Lily Scotney in London for the International Super Bantamweight title.

The judges of the battle also saw it that way, the English women gave unanimous verdicts in favor of 100-90, 99-91 and 99-91.

For the first time, he rose to the “CC” category (Super Bantamweight) and competed in another organization, the World Boxing Association (WBA).

This was his first experience in another weight and another category. These falls also leave experience, and with three battles already outside the country (for two titles), Roman Europe is maturing to continue its search for that long-awaited victory.

The local boxer has returned from the IBF Bantamweight World Championships for the first time since 2017.

In his first defense outside the country, Roman was defeated by points on 25 March near the Ibani Bridge in Australia.

After that fight, Sessie decided to take quick revenge. This opportunity was presented to him, in another section and in another section.

He accepted the challenge and moved on. Knowing that he is rising in the category and for the first time he is doing it in a fight supervised by the WBA.

Roman fought three times outside Argentina and failed to win. For two titles and the rest was an exhibition.

Sometimes rematches don’t happen so fast. Now Roman has to continue training to take another revenge outside the country. There is blood in Sanjuanina’s eyes. She will not stop until she can win abroad.

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