This Tuesday, the Russians were furious and almost hit a Roland Garros worker track cleaner with a ball.

Andrei Rublev’s reaction after losing the first set against Soonwoo Kwon.Christoph AnnaAP
  • Roland Garros Paula Badosa lost to Ferro and advanced to the second round

If anything, tennis has been characterized in recent times by a growing gesture of rage carried on by tennis players. This Tuesday was the Russian turn Andrew RublevWho admitted “I lost my mindRoland Garros after hitting one of the court cleaners with the ball.

After the rate in the first set Tie break Against South Korea Kaun soon, World No. 7 hit a ball hard against his chair, which bounced. He almost hit a worker who was throwing dirt on the runway, who avoided the impact with a great reflection.

At that point I lost my mind and I must have regretted what I did. The way I hit the ball is unacceptable.“, Explained the Russian, who won the match 6-7 (5/7), 6-3, 6-2 and 6-4.

This is good if you hit the racket in the chair, because the ball can hit someoneI said more.This is not my professional and I hope I do not repeat it“, I have come to the conclusion.

In other cases

Australian this season Nick Kyrgios Inadvertently hitting a child with a pitch on the stand in the doubles match of the Australian Open and The solution Giving his racket to the little one.

What the Germans did was even more serious Alexander Zverev (N 3), who, after losing a doubles match in Acapulco, hit the match judge’s chair several times with his racquet, for which he was eliminated from the Mexican tournament.

In addition to losing points earned at Acapulco, the ATP applied to the Germans for an additional ,000 25,000 in fines and two months’ approval, but these measures were suspended until the Germans broke the rules again for another year.

Novak Djokovic Already disqualified from the US Open in 2020 because of a fit of anger he hit a ball hard and it hit a line judge.

After what happened to the Spanish Xavier Rafael Nadal He advocated a more severe ban on violent behavior.

“If we can’t control this kind of attitude on the court, and other things have happened in recent months (…) and to create a rule or a way to punish this kind of attitude more severely, then our players feel stronger and stronger.” . 🙂 And in my opinion, In sports we need to be positive examples especially for children“, Boliaric argued.

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