In the second set, the German had to leave after getting an ankle injury. Nadal won the first set in the tiebreak.

Zaverev left the track in a wheelchair to watch Nadal.
Zaverev left the track in a wheelchair to watch Nadal.Anne-Christine PaujuletAFP
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It wasn’t until he crashed into the sand that he twisted his right ankle to chase a side ball that hit a six in the game. The second set, Alexander Zverev Was able to escape from his own mistakes and a Nadal Less fierce but just as intelligent and strong as the previous game. Bad or good, later More than three hours on the trackNumber three in the world was trying to grab the option of playing his first final Grand Slam. Stand still Lost four set points In the first quarter tiebreaker and the two shows he served, 4-2 and 5-3, with an advantage in the second.

After use Health care Control and leave the track WheelchairWith her back CrutchHe shook hands with the referee and hugged his opponent: he lost 7-6 (8) and 6-6. Rafael Nadal will play his character this Sunday Fourteenth French Grand Slam final Against the winner of the match Caspar Rudd and Marin Cilic. He is the oldest finalist in the tournament since Bill Tilden in 1930.

Very sad for him, Who was playing a great tournament. He’s a good teammate on the tour and I know how hard he’s been fighting to win the Grand Slam. I know that not one, but multiple wins“Nadal is already a winner, at the foot of the track,” Nadal said.

Later Great first setWhere he had four balls to make it his own in the tiebreaker (6-2), the Germans emotionally took advantage of the inability to convert the entire option he inherited, partly outside the duration of a football match. And the short-lead is encouraging Nadal after adding eight hours to the court in the last two games.

Out of the possibility of playing his first Roland Garros final, he gave the idea that the Germans wanted to reinterpret the match as one. Personal claims platform, That we are going to see, in the end, the conscientious, balanced and tennis player denied for so many years, since he identified himself as a premature phenomenon. He was not going to give up in front of Nadal’s armor, much less violent than in recent meetings.

It could be that the Germans found signs of fatigue from a rival who had just played two matches in a row for more than four hours, who did not want to throw the towel before seeing the situation getting frustrating. The truth is, Patient and aggressive, without bad gestures, without complaint, faithful to the plans made with his coach Sergei BrugueraHis best weapon, continued to serve and operate the backhand.

The weather forecast has been announced, Rain in Paris The match was forced to take place under Philip’s retractable roof.Chatterjee. Theoretically, an advantage for the German player, well served and supposedly heavy court favor, less sensitive Top left spin shot. But any theory with Nadal has to be separated, even after what was seen against Djokovic on Tuesday night, when the situation was particularly unfavorable for him.

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As it turned out, there was a prejudiced atmosphere towards the Spaniard’s image before the game, who has now taken so much time to enter the audience, towards the end of his career, to be able to acknowledge the extraordinary value of what he has done. Has been in this tournament for over fifteen years. Like Djokovic, Zverev was a bad guy A film that had a sharp twist in this year’s screenplay, although the respect for the tennis player was high. Hamburg. Without Federer, And away from seeing a French national who could take over from the last local champion Noah in 1983, Nadal dominates the stand. It’s not too late.

Zaverev’s start was promising. He broke down from the start and took an influential position, gaining a place with his backhand crosscourt and the survey showed tremendous success. It is dangerous to transfer the initiative to a server, as Nadal has already seen the match against him. Auger-AliassimeWhich took him to the limit in five sets.

It remains to be seen how long Hamburger, who often loses his temper, will be able to maintain that momentum. After saving the ball for one match against Argentina Boys In the second round, he came out stronger Quarterly match against Alcaraz, Which overwhelmed him in the final in Madrid. He seemed willing to fight as long as he had the strength to stay in the final, but fate ruled out any option for him.

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