It took the Norwegians about three hours to subdue the broken Croatian after winning the first set.

Rudd is celebrating the victory against Silik.
Rudd is celebrating the victory against Silik.Martin DivisekEFE
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Norwegian Caspar Rudd Its the final game Roland GarrosThe first A of his career Grand SlamAfter defeating the Croatians Marin Cilic3-6, 6-4, 6-2 and 6-2 in 2 hours 55 minutes.

Tennis players, Eighth in the rankings To them 23 years oldWill be measured in Spanish Rafael NadalFifth in the world, looking for his fourteenth crown Paris After Germany reached the semifinals due to injury Alexander Zverev. A big challenge for the Norwegians, who have never played against Nadal before, who have never lost in the final in Paris.

In this edition of Roland Garros, Ruud broke all his ceilings, where he was at the easiest part of the table and benefited from being knocked out in the Greek Round of 16. Stefanos SitcipasThe finalist in the fourth and last edition of the world, paved the way for him to reach the semifinals.

Against Silik, the 20th in the world, the 2nd ranked executioner, Russian Daniel Medvedev, Ruud was late to come into the game and dropped the first set before recovering the initiative. The Norwegian imposes his dominance on the clay, where he is one of the tennis players to have won the most in recent seasons. Between 2020 and 2022 he added 65, more than any other player, far from second, Sitsipus, who has 51.

Nadal is a student at the academy

Ruud often trains in AcademyRafael Nadal Mallorca, advised by Tony. The game, interrupted for a few minutes by a spontaneous attack that tied itself to the net and forced the players into the locker room, did not change its mark. The Croatian, who only wanted to play in a major final where he had not yet done so, was unable to force his game and saw how the Norwegians overtook him.

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