Consistency as Davis Cup captain and German coach created divisions in the Spanish team

Bruguera and Zaverev, in training.
Bruguera and Zaverev, in training.Hugo FifaThe world
  • Roland Garros Why would Nadal consider saying goodbye after playing one of the best games of his life?

Spanish Davis Cup captain Sergei Bruguera, Roland Garros with Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zaverev in search of the final, not before 2:45 minutes, will have to occupy an uncomfortable position again in this Friday’s game. The former two-time champion will sit on Paris soil, as he did in the Madrid final against Carlos Alcaraz and last Wednesday’s quarter-final against Marseille. Box Alexander Zaverev, close to his father, who once recovered from his health problems, returned to observe the world’s number three evolution closely.

Bruguera, in a logical response to his new assignment at the Masters 1000 in Miami since last March, happily celebrated Zverev’s qualification in the semifinals with Philippe-Chatriere after being calm and in good spirits throughout the match. The combination of the two positions has already caused discomfort among some Spanish players who met in Paris before the start of the tournament. At the moment, the name of David Ferrer is heard as a replacement, but the Spanish Tennis Federation has not made a decision.

Spain will play in Valencia from 13 to 18 September, with the Davis Cup group stage drawn with Serbia, Canada and Korea. In terms of qualifying, he will fight for the seventh Salad Bowl in the Malaga Finals in November. The normal thing is that Bruguera, the team leader in the sixth victory in 2019, fulfills his contract and remains in office at least until the end of the course, unless the situation ends in poisoning.

Xavier, a temperamental player who was threatened with an eight-week ban and a fine of 23,000 euros for repeating his racket-hitting behavior with his racquet at the Acapulco tournament, has already joined Juan Carlos Ferrero and David Ferrer. A bench is often swollen by his sharp and rude response, one of the reasons being that Ferrero, next to today’s successful and happy Alcaraz, decided to leave him.. The world number three, double champion of the ATP finals, finalist of the United States Open in 2020 and winner of 19 ATP titles, the 25-year-old Hamburg player did not finish what he was called to do, partly because of his lack of tennis qualities, lack of attitude and his Due to an irregular career direction.

An extra protective environment

From a family devoted to tennis, Benjamin, his parents Alexander and Irina, both former Russian professional players and his brother Misha, who is still playing in second-tier tournaments at the age of 34, are the youngest of the Zaverevs, two meters tall and with a gallon pose. , He grew up in an extra protective environment that explains his emotional fragility.

Bruguera, who throughout his illustrious career with slightly changed episodes of public dealings with his father and mentor, Luce, is now on the other side of the stage.The paranoid allusions of the critics of this process were completely substantiated, however, because of the indifference of the young man who, although it was far from being similar to his style of play, was a parallel stimulus to his angry and erratic character.

He’s a tough, rocky player, he moves very well for how tall he is, Moy yesterday portrayed tennis player Zverev, who has lost six of his nine games against Nadal and four of the five he has played on the grass. Surviving a match point and two unfavorable sets in the second round, against Argentina’s Sebastian Beaz, Sasha, who is also known on the circuit, repeated in the semifinals of the tournament, where he stopped last year. Stefanos Sitcipas, another man of the so-called Next Gene, was weakened by the complications of his parents.

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