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Rodrigo Chavez wins Costa Rican presidency

Economist Rodrigo ChavezThe Social Democratic Progress Party has won the second round of the presidential election Costa Rica 52.9% votes, including 89% count of tables.

The first cut of the results presented by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) indicates that 89% of the votes were counted, Chavez got 52.9% and Former President Jose Maria FiguresThe National Liberation Party has 47.1%.

Become Rodrigo Chavez 49th President in the history of Costa Rica And Carlos Alvarado of the center-left Citizen Action Party will take power on May 8 for 4 years.

TSE data adds that the recession stood at 42.8%.

Chavez, an economist by profession, suggested Reduce the size of the stateReduces social charges and barriers to investment and entrepreneurship, but its message focuses on a commitment Fight against corruption For which he blames traditional parties like the National Liberation Party (PLN), which are his rivals.

The economist was finance minister for six months between 2019 and 2020 and previously held various positions World BankWhere in 2019 he received an internal approval after being condemned for sexual harassment by several colleagues.

Chavez, 60, focuses on his political campaign being “the same as ever” and criticizing the traditional parties represented by his rivals, against whom he has been accused of corruption.

He also had friction with the press, which he accused of being biased after revealing information about various media outlets. Allegations of sexual harassmentl and possible parallel structures in financing your campaign.

The economist promised to work in the campaign Costa Rica Be the “happiest country in the world”, fight corruption and rule for the poorest sector.

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