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Robert Arboleda suffered a serious injury during a match

Robert Arboleda celebrates a goal in the Brazilian Cup. Photo: Twitter Sao Paulo

Defendant Robert Grove With an injury Sao Paulo In the Brazil Cup. The Ecuador national team defender had to leave the match.

The team from Sao Paulo is facing Palm trees In 16 rounds of competition. They ran 35 minutes The second time When the defender has a bad fall after playing an aerial ball.

The ball was heading towards his squad area Lawyer He jumped out to win it Winner At the turn when he conducted the strategy and although he fulfilled his purpose, His opponent makes him restless In the air, which affected its course.

The worst part came at the moment of landing. The Left leg De Arboledai touched the pitch first and got it all Your body weight.

How it was possible to show in the transmission images Ankle Was the most damaged. Similarly, r Knee May be injured in movement.

At the moment the Arboleda loot was cemented in the village, it was fixed and The defender’s ankle was bent. After the action, Teranga had to be replaced as he could not get up. A vehicle transfers him to the stretcher when he picks up his face and gives up Pain symptoms.

The Sao Paulo He has not yet mentioned or presented the situation of the player Medical evaluation. The severity of the injury and the time of recovery may require the participation of Robert Arboleda World Cup in Qatar With Ecuador.

On the last FIFA date, the defender played a friendly match between the trio and the trio Mexico Where he had outstanding participation. There is competition in his position as a footballer Felix Torres, Piero Hinkapi and Xavier Arega.

He was with the Brazil team Outstanding participation In the last duo of local tournaments and cups. Despite the injury, his squad was able to hold on 1-0 And take victory. In the second leg, the quarter final pass will be determined.

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