Richard Carapaz, leader of Giro d’Italia. Photo: Ras Ellis, taken from Twitter @INEOSGrenadiers

Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz (Inios Grenadier), leader of Giro d’Italia, proposed a press conference on May 23, 2022, the day of the race’s rest.

Ritchie believes the race is entering its most favorable terrain and hopes to fully secure first place despite the difficulties of the rest of the mountain stage and the opposition of rivals such as the Australian Jay Hindley, the Portuguese Joao Almeida and the Spaniards. Michael Landa.

“It’s been a very difficult week. Bora is a short, classic type controlled last Saturday, but now there are stages with long climbs with a lot more inequality. I’m calm, and I’m ready for what’s going to happen with the team,” said Giro. Karapaz said.

The Carchens cyclist, Winning the Giro in 2019, he relied on the inspiration given by Root, his team and wearing the pink jersey.

“Last week was favorable for me, I focused on my preparation for the mountains and we also have pink jerseys, which is an added inspiration for me and the team. There are many giro left, but I am inspired and I will do my best to protect it, “he said.

For Ecuadorians, “the key to Giro will undoubtedly be the stages that are to come, starting tomorrow, with Mortirolo on the route.

A difficult stage for Richard Carapaz

“Tomorrow’s stage is very difficult, with a difference of more than 5,000 meters in height. Fatigue will be noticeable and there will be no calm at the following levels, so it is necessary to concentrate every day.”

For Richard Carapaz, the role of the team at the mountain level will be important, far more than the weather, because he is not afraid of the possible rain forecast this Tuesday.

“I don’t know what will happen if it rains tomorrow. I don’t have any problem with climate change. If it rains, well, and if the heat continues, so be it. Team performance will be even more important, since being alone in the race has a lot of implications, but we have the majority in Porte, Sivakov, Castroviejo… Peloton. This week will be important because at the mountain level, your teammates give you confidence, “he said.

Carapaz, who was airlifted to the hotel after Sunday’s stage, compared Zero’s current situation in 2019.

“This giro is different, now I have more experience and a stronger team behind me. We know that pink jerseys can be achieved. In 2019 we weren’t so sure. I feel better than facing this decisive week, “he explained.

Karapaj’s rival

In terms of competitors, Carapaz continues to consider Australian Hindley, Portuguese Joao Almeida and Spanish Mikel Land as candidates.

He also wanted to make clear about Sunday’s time trial in Verona that the results would depend “on these 4 days in the mountains”.

Carapaz highlights the morale and serenity given to Giro d’Italia by watching her family, her two children and friends close by. He concluded, “It is a pleasure to see my family and all the countrymen who are residents or who have come running from Ecuador to follow me.”

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