Giro d’Italia’s first leg finale was impressive, with Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz fighting for first place. This was May 6, 2022, at the beginning of the Corsa Rosa, the winner Matthew Van der Powell.

Is carried out in the early stages Budapest and VisegradWith 195 km, there was a hard fall in one day.

According to preliminary data, Karapaz has entered the sixth position in Giro.

Going five km, the Peloton was quite compact, but at the beginning of the climb the team began to break up. Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz has been seen attacking even in the final km.

The ‘Karachi Locomotive’ entered the first of the stage.

Today, in the center of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, wearing a pink robe, the color of the iconic Giro d’Italia leader’s jersey, which begins in the city this year and – in the first three days – will pass through different parts of the country for those who dream of winning a stage for Attila Valter.

After a two-year wait for Kovid, as “Grande Partenza” is set to begin in Budapest in 2020, thousands of Hungarians flocked to Heroes Square today, from where this year’s Giro began.
“Each meter of 400 kilometers reflects some of the Hungarian landscape and environment, whether it is the center of Budapest or one of the 80 cities that cyclists will pass,” explained Zsuzsa Csisztu, Hungarian spokeswoman for the event, former Hungarian gymnastics champion, Efe.

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As Csisztu explains, in some villages they make pink sweets, while in other villages the villagers wear plain clothes.

The Castle Museum has organized an exhibition, which will be open until September, where they will explore the history of Giro, shirts, bicycles and other things related to the competition.

Among other things they present the history of cycling as a sport and art in Hungary.

Minutes before the start of the gyro, Maria, an 87-year-old grandmother, told Efe that she always follows various “tours” on television, as she prefers landscapes where cyclists go and “travels to unknown areas” for her.

“It happens near the house so I take the opportunity to watch them live, even for a few minutes,” he explained.

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