In the first four months of 2022, 117,468 unsecured credit operations were funded for retirees, according to Biess statistics. Photo: File / EL Commerce

When a Person I know Retirement Through Ecuador Institute From Social Security (IESS), meaning you have stopped receiving Salary That he put in her Business And start living with the new Salary Based on them Contributions.

That is, you accept one Salary cut Whom I was not with AccustomedWith which you have to spend the rest of your life, unless you have to Own businessResources or things like that.

Sometimes Decrease Forces citizens to change their lifestyles and adapt to them New realityThey have to strategize or do with their money Unsecured debt.

According to statistics from BiessThere were 117,468 operations in the first four months of the year Unsecured credit For the purpose of the segment Retired. However, not everyone chooses this option.

Carmen Betancourt, 88, has Retired More than 30 years. When he retired Pension I got it in Sucre, but with an exchange rate Dollars I know AdvantageFrom him Retirement has increased A little.

In his retirement years he did not make major presentations ComplicationsBut he did confirm that earlier, at Sucre, things were less expensive than the ones he had used Current currency. For his method Get into debt You are saved as much as possible and To spend Strictly turned on RequiredWhat? Basic services Y. FeedingBecause you don’t rent.

Although he admits that he uses it occasionally Cards From Credit To give back in the long run, when you need something Urgent.

Héctor Noboa, 75, survives a Different situations. Before you Retirement He has his own business, so his Income They were Irregular, Month by month. So when you Joy He did it with her The lowest And its off IndustryThis claim due to fatigue.

His withdrawal affected him, since it was a Significant reduction Money. So, to avoid going into debt, he adjusts his Account. For example, I used to shop only for brands. Now he sees it Amount Products and PriceThe reason is that it can Save something.

Despite this, do not like to use Héctor Cards From Credit Fear Get into debt. For that reason it does not have access Debt Given by Bies, despite that rate Interest Is Less.

Create a budget

For Daniela Mancheno, Expert Inside FinancingOne of the best storage and management options Responsibly The IncomeIs Programming A budget, either Weekly Or monthly.

However, it is recommended WeeklySince the cost can be more controlled Neat. One of the first things to build Budget To understand income and specific expenses such as rent, basic services, food, etc.

Once it’s defined, subtract Fixed costs Your income and the rest of the budget. Mancheno recommends saving between the remaining 10% and 30%, until that percentage becomes one Constant Per month. Otherwise, you will never save.

The values ​​of savings and expenditure have already been separated, there is only one The rest Which is There will be a weekly budget.

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