After entering his office there is no doubt that Juan Manuel Guassamin Fans The Amphibian Y. Reptiles. There are pictures on the wall Frogs From Crystal And resting on a table Books With him Is working On Presence Among these animals Mindo Y. Galapagos.

East Quito professional Has collaborated Description For 70 species ScienceSo your life is turned on Turnstile A These Animals

Your recent Research This was published Scientific Journal Pierre J. And deal with Discovery Two new ones Species From Frogs From CrystalAs named Hyalinobatrachium mashpi And Hyalinobatrachium noun. Their abode Save Of Biosphere Of Andian Choco.

Through this research he has confirmed one of the theses he has been holding for the last few years: No. Can be followed Explosion New Ecosystem For Mining Or for adults Crops When complete measurement is still not possible Natural resources What’s in there Region With less Human intervention.

Close relationship with conservation

In that direction his gaze has gone Research For Save It was a process that, in a certain way, began in school, but was integrated into the classroom. Sebastian Municipal Education Unit From Benalkazar. Thanks to the guidance of a high school teacher, he was able to do it Development An idea that Will be a partner For the rest of her Career: Creation Emotional bond With Nature.

For Guasamine, 47 years old and almost two decades old TeachingEach tour through moors, jungle or island Galapagos That intimacy has been strengthened Connection With Nearby. Even reached Doctorate Inside Ecology Already Development Special interest Save Of Biodiversity Upstairs University From Kansas (America.).

His interest in this area is that, in 2021, it was a Booster Of Enterprise project From Atelopas SurvivalFocuses on a scientific alliance Save Of Gender Of Harlequin frog.

His connection with this species began when he met Biologist Luis Coloma, who worked to restore the black jambato (Atelopas Ignorance) Jumbo Center. “It was incredible for me to walk in Morsi and hear people’s stories. They knew when it was Missing The Species Because it was too General Look into it Countryside And City. That inspired me to be part of this Initiative In an effort Atelopus”, The researcher said.

For him, it is true to have that relationship with people Jambato is black One Sample Which is necessary Beef up Those “Emotional bond”, Which marked his existence in his case.

Work in the field and in the laboratory

To create those Intimate human relationshipsNatureThis is the main trench Investigator Done Is working From Countryside. Them Discovery Upstairs Biology They just didn’t make him one Scientists Plus Featured It is EcuadorBut they have been an incentive for him Management Inside Environmental issues.

“All we do is look for new species, people of that species Acquires areas New connections to the lands around them. “Science – he adds – a Effective process To stop and control the process Extractor And provide Communities Supply so they can To protect The Rights Of Nature Y. Guarantee So that they can live in the void Environmentally sustainable.

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