A referee for the amateur football league in the region Valparaiso off the coast of Chile Was humiliated and Stabbed by a group of fans, The man who jumped from the stand and attacked the field suffered minor injuries to both his hands and chest, reports this Thursday. Regional Amateur Soccer Association (ARFA).

According to the ARFA, the incident took place during the Inter game Sporting de Quibrada Herrera and Deportivo America de Piguchen In Putendo’s commune, when former fans entered the field with knives.

Violence does thisThey undermine the true spirit of football“And” an attack on the safety of all participants, “warns Rolando Ponce, president of ARFA, an organization that brings together more than 50 sports organizations. 610 clubsWho sought greater support and protection from the police.

The team of referees working on this very popular tournament in Chile has announced, as part of it They will ‚Äústop working on the playground “Unless there is an adequate security situation, this is done for fear of damaging their physical integrity.”

In addition, they called Security forces To find and catch the perpetrators of the attack, who fled.


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