Yesterday was World Recycling Day. Sensitive to the subject, the newspaper made a special statement about the activity, which helps to take care of the ecosystem and is part of a productive and artistic chain. Treatment of man-made waste is a priority at this time of permanent damage to nature.

There are almost no separate garbage cans for plastic, paper and biodegradable on city streets; Everything fits in one container. What’s more, there is a dearth of garbage dumps in many parts of the country.

Ecuador’s homes also have no waste segregation practices, and composting is rarely considered. There is no organic waste collection service for those who live in vacant lots without a small patio.
The country still has a long way to go to reach the tide of recycling, although it can be a source of income for families. There are people of art, entrepreneurship, high creativity and knowledge who take reusable advantage to produce products, energy and even industry. The green industry, despite the ignorance of many, is the future of the economy.

However, not only the future of the industry, but also the present of the labor of those who dedicate themselves to the city’s garbage should be considered. The Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) is preparing a census to find out how many ‘miners’ work in this activity, which is unhealthy in principle. Not only do they get a piece of what they collect and they don’t have a fixed income, but they also don’t have access to social security. They walk several blocks in the morning and at night to separate the whole family from what others have thrown away, as seen with the naked eye.

For the most part, the new generation is those who are most interested in segregating waste, but the entire population should dedicate themselves to this work; It will facilitate the work of those who, in adverse circumstances, perform an admirable work which turns out to be for the welfare of humanity.

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