La Penia, which flirted with exile and economic ruin four years ago, is back in the spotlight for Griffels and Carles Darn. He holds the best record in the first round of the Eurocup and will compete for the Olympic title with all the qualifiers.

Tomic, during the match against Slask.
Tomic, during the match against Slask.Euro Cup
  • Andrew Happy Joventut Base who grew up in the most dangerous neighborhood of Santo Domingo

Exactly four years ago Carles Darn Was in Berlin, soaked in its teachings Ato Garcia Renaissance, When I got a trouble call. Joventut, his Joventut, in which he worked from the age of 15, died of hemorrhage. On the brink of economic bankruptcy, it was also at the deep end of the Andesa League, which was exile. It’s the resurgence of a historic Spanish basketball player: today, La Penia, which is celebrating its 92nd anniversary these days, is four games away from winning the European title again, and, incidentally, returning to the Euroleague.

“It would be a great prize to see a new title on the roof of the Olympics, which we have not won in a long time. The Eurolig will be an extra. It will not be easy, very competitive teams will come. That will make things very difficult for us” A few days ago it was renewed until 2025. On Tuesday, Joventut started a historic first round of the Eurocup after beating Slask Rockla (97-79). Their 12th win in 16 matches (more than all eight points). The best balance of the 24 teams (the locomotive Kuban, which they also defeated, was dropped from the Eurolig because of the Ukraine attack like all other Russians), which ensured a piece of candy in their new playoffs. Play all ties from the Round of 16 to the home game, including the final in May.

Yet, it will not be easy for blacks and whites, who at this time are not only on the path to reconciling their history, but more importantly, they have become economically strong with the appearance of Griffels Pharmaceutical Company. That ended on the table on March 28, 2018, presiding over the agenda of the general shareholders’ meeting. Juan Morales The extinction of the entity was proposed. Save money and get back to the basics: such as academy and differential players Before Tomic or Vladimir Brodjianski. Also important for the fight for third place in the ACB (on Sunday he knocked out the bar in front of 12,000 spectators in Badalona), achieving historic numbers in the second continental competition (fourth in PIR, fifth in rebound, second in assist). .) It was the return of the boys who were netted in the most extensive mines of national basketball. Pau Ribas, Fern Basas or Guillem VivesStill competitive, points to new pearl moves, including Joel ParraLast hope, a versatile forward who has already made his national team debut with Scariolo in Las Ventanas and who joined Penia at the age of five.

Hanging at the top of the Olympics is the immortal triple of Tel Aviv, having won that memorable final against the historic Eurolig League 1994 Olympiacos (also ULEB 2007 and 2008, ULEB, 1981 and 1990 Korak, 2006 FIBA ‚Äč‚ÄčEuro Cup, eight leagues …). Corney Thompson. Two years after the dramatic defeat against Partizan. Precisely that group now points Zeljko Obradovich Must be one of the toughest opponents for the scepter, even though they already know they have to face. Only in the group stage Lamonica Prevents Joventut from winning in Belgrade. Later revenge came to Badalona (92-84).

Its virtue Sergio Scariolo (These days are reinforced with two stars fleeing from CSKA, Daniel Hackett and Tornik Shegelia), Gran Canaria (second best record), Valencia and Buduconst seem to be the main obstacles for Joventut, although the most important thing has already been achieved: the illusion is back in Badalona.

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