The airport maintains a high commercial movement for the resumption of flights. Photo: Carlos Noriga / El Comersio

The Smoke And Dry smell Human Dan at the restaurant Movement At the entrance PifoNortheast Quito. A dozen hurried diners tasted them LunchFrom 11:00 to Thursday, May 19, the premises have an extension of five meters by that two.

Gyro Chavaria was present Agreement, Where he works with three other members of his family. Will you sell Dry Y. The cocoon From USD 1. He transmits in his voice Hope To go back Normal. An increasingly intimate reality, after he was off her Agreement For about a year, when Extreme In 2020, after three years of participation.

I don’t know how many plates I sell per day. What I do know is that more people come”, Reveals the merchant with emotion.

Its clients are airport staff, passengers and families who travel to the airport terminal to pick up or drop off passengers.

100% Destination Recovered

According to Luis Gallaraga, Communications Manager, Quiport Corporation, which manages Airport, Has been on an upward trend since March this year. Ensures that they recover 100% Destination And at least 80% passengers.

In March, 336,000 passenger transits were registered. The number rose to 372,000 in April. Although normalcy has not returned Pre-epidemicWhen the amount Passengers Was in 418,000 Monthly averageThe numbers are encouraging.

How does it feel? Hugo Alvarez, 55, who has been working with his taxi at the air terminal since 2013, when it started working. Its shift is 24 hours, beyond one day.

At that time, it conducted three to five races with a fixed price per sector. At the nearest point, in the Tumbaco Valley, the authorized fare is USD 15, while at the South Terminal QuitumbeIt is USD 33.

“Yes, improvement is felt. There are passengers and you can now work at least three days a week, “he said as he waited for her to leave. Second race At noon.

About 230 units at that time TaxiIt belongs to the cooperatives of nearby sectors.
Patricio Carrera, president of Puembo’s Parish GAD, also feels better. Community. He even said that many civilians had fled to live there during the epidemic. With them, there are 22,000 inhabitants ParishLocated northeast Capital.

An example for him Display The Economic revival The pharmacy was three until 2019 and now has 15.

So it has been Restaurant, hairdressers and many other businesses. “People still take care of themselves, but the activities are virtually normal,” he added.

To the residents of the nearby parish Mariscal Sucre Airport They are given priority when recruiting staff. “They are in our database because they live nearby and it promises to contribute to the growth of the community,” explains Luis Gallaraga.

Of the 7,000 employees at the airport, including airlines, 60% are residents of one of the six neighboring parishes, Quiport representatives estimate.

Tabela reactivation

Reactivation is also felt in the parish Tabela, Where the air terminal is located. Maria Colaguazo has a Small shop In front of your house and that Support For her two children.

“When the airport doesn’t work, we have demand, because it doesn’t sell,” he recalls of the worst time in captivity for Covid-19. Fortunately, his house is his own and it gives him a break, even more so now that clients come frequently.

In another parish YarukuiWhich is more than 15 minutes away from the airport Move. Normita Nunez, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years, says there are more initiatives and people are more motivated.
He has a business Handicrafts Feel at home and more Economically calm. “I’m already selling like before, normal,” he says happily

In recent times, it has sold 300 USD per month, compared to 50 USD registered in the worst month of 2021.

In 2020, he almost did not show up for fear of illness and because there were no tourists who were his best customers.


The Requirements There are two vaccination cards for entering the country Dosage Or a negative PCR test 72 hours before the trip.

The health declaration must be filled out by travelers and can be found on its website (children under 3 do not have to meet any requirements).

The lifting of the ban reactivated the movement of travelers, which was in favor of those living away from tourism.

All in all Community The airport has about 7,000 employees. There were 8,300 in the pre-epidemic era and at the worst it dropped to 5,000.

Its habitat WorkersIt’s important. The airport has a database of six neighboring parishes that take into account timeRecruitment.

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