A Instructor And manipulation of rattlesnakes Died of snake bites at a live show in Texas, America. This is how social network users went viral this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

According to reports, the man was performing on a show during the annual Rattlesnake Roundup event in Friar, south of San Antonio, Texas, when he was bitten by a snake he was managing.

Local police said in a statement, identified as the trainer Eugene Dilion, He was bitten while attending the event, on May 2, 2022. He died a few hours later at Corpus Christi Hospital.

According to the report received Corpus Christi KIII-TVEugene was conducting a rattlesnake in front of the crowd Reptiles Bite him on the shoulder.

Following the fatal crash, the coach was airlifted to Corpus Christi Hospital. But then he died Poison.

The coach liked snakes

In a publication created on the Trainer and Manipulator account FacebookDescribe what happened to his family, and work with Eugene Snake Something he really liked and was passionate about despite the risks involved.

“My brother got his wings today, which he loved to do. He had a passion for managing snakes at Fryer’s Rattlesnake Rodeo, after managing these things for so many years, you didn’t have a day with them today. ” Monica Diamas.

For his part, Freer Chamber of Commerce, And the organizer of the event, joined in the condolence message via another social media post.

“The love and dedication he showed for his community is evident every day. From being a member of the Freer Volunteer Fire Department to calling on local residents to help remove snakes from their property. He was always ready to help. ”


Houston Chronicle Note that this was The first freer rattlesnake roundup eventAfter being canceled for two years Extreme.

Usually the event is organized in that city because it is an area where it is located The largest population of rattlesnakes.

Apparently, Eugene was quite an expert Training, hunting and snake management. After his death, his family and members of the event organization shared photos showing him with reptiles in various rodeos and exhibition areas.

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