54 assets, convicted in the name of eight Bribery caseNow in the hands of the state of Ecuador.

They are apartments, parking lots, lots and land which former President Md Rafael Correa And seven others, including businessmen and former Coreismo officials in Guayaquil.

They are part 20 sentenced For bribery in this corruption project. The attorney general’s office was able to seize the assets of eight people because they did not voluntarily pay compensation to the state, according to a national court tribunal order. The Author and co-author Each of them had to pay USD 778,224; When the partners USD 368,632, each.

After the deadline for the convicts to voluntarily pay the price or offer a form of payment, Attorney It has asked the court to order the execution of the death penalty through “enforcement of the law”.

The purpose is to seize the property in the name of the convicts, auction them off and the state can recover the money lost in the illegal conspiracy.

What is the process of rescuing those resources?

The Attorney General’s Office Asset Recovery Unit indicates that the process consists of five steps. The sentence order was first published on the Judicial Function’s website.

The court then ordered the seizure Assets of convicts. Prior to that, the Attorney General’s Office must submit a list of properties owned by each person concerned in the country. This information can be obtained from public entities such as land registry, company superintendent, public data registry directorate, notaries.

When a third moment The police Invoice liens And draw the death certificate. Subsequently, the sanctions are registered and they are administered by the Judicial Depository. Eventually, the goods are auctioned off and the money collected is returned to the state treasury.

On January 7, 2021, the Guayaquil property registrar informed the execution court that he had recorded the confiscation. Property Eight of those convicted in the case.

For example, the state is now a That section belongs to Raphael Correa. The property is located on the first floor of the north block of the Centro de Vievendas condominium in Puerto Principal.

The former president criticized the move via his Twitter account. “It simply came to our notice then The father inherited his three sons. They have not yet found the treasure buried in the Qatari desert, “he wrote in a post.

That was the wealth in the bribery case Commission Only those who were located Guayaquil. But the attorney general’s office knows the convicts will have assets in five more cantons.

So he applied to the court for an order on February 24 this year Immediate ban Other movable and immovable property which he was able to identify and in other cantonments of the country, registered in the name of the convicted person.

In November 2020, the Attorney General’s Office determined that Korea had another property in the Montessori sector (Quito). In 2018 Former President He handed over the house to one of his children, however, Korea and his wife are still listed as unused, meaning they can live in that house for life.


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