Railway pensioners demanded the reform of Decree 1057 so that their pensions could be paid. Photo: Karina Sotalin / EL Commerce

Thvaraghatra Retired Its employers Railway Company of Ecuador Demand their payment Retirement About two years delayed, when their Leaders They held a meeting with government officials this Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Retired star a Seedlings In front of the palace Carandellet. They demanded the government with the slogan ‘No more extension’.

Renেনে Peralta, President National Ecuador Railway Retirees Association Group 16, stated that it is necessary to make the payment effective President Sign the Republic ” Correction Executive Decree from 5 1057.
This is signed by the deed Former President Lenin Moreno May 19, 2020 and gave way with it Extinction Of Railway Company of Ecuador. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first Relationships From Ex-staff Y. Retired“It simply came to our notice then.

There are 21 months that retirees don’t get them Economic rights. He mentioned that they have run various processes and have not received favorable response from any organization, e.g. Ministry of Transport To whom the railway company was transferred.

“The president has all the documents to make the order Ministry of Finance And so in public works and can solve this problem, “Peralta added. For him, it is possible to distribute because there is an oil surplus.

Its former driver The train Of RioBumber Base Jose Ullauri narrates that despite having two, they just give up Sentence For retirees. Their per capita salary is around ,500 5,500.

Meetings with officials

According to the leaders, they said Affected 400 pensioners And Debt The estimated arrears are USD 2.5 million. “Today, of course, we want a solution,” Peralta noted before meeting with government officials.

An official asked the Secretary of Governance to form a five-member delegation. Dr. was at the meeting Deputy Minister Of TransportationDelegates Presidency Of the Republic and Liquidator Of the company Railways.

According to the president of the association, the authorities promised to resolve the situation, for which they have scheduled the next meeting at 10:00 am next Monday.

The retirees hope that the budget guarantee on that day will be given from money and public works and they will determine the date on which the resolution will be issued.

“We hope they are verbal,” the leader insisted. Retirees have warned that if there is no written solution on Monday, they will continue their sit-in program. Hunger strike In Big Square.


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