In February, a reform of the Leasing Ordinance was approved to encourage vacancy-occupying enterprises. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

The halls are glistening. Sunlight falls from all places by glittering the closed glass doors. Premises, which are rented by the municipality QuitoJust waiting for an entrepreneur who is encouraged to work at La Manzana Shopping Center.

That place is located Historic center, Garcia Moreno and Juan Leon on Mera Street. It has 81 properties, including premises and offices, of which 41 are cabildors.

Sylvia Rodriguez has been working there for 15 years. He started helping an aunt in a store and then rented an island to sell jewelry. “The Price That municipality charges a lot Expensive And the renewal process is complicated, “he complained.

So he decided to finish Agreement Rent an equal space with Cabildo and in the shopping center, but directly to a third party Half price. For that reason one The place is empty, He reflects. “It looks like they (the municipality) have a lot of money and they don’t care because if they don’t they will do something,” Rodriguez said.

The Councilwoman Luz Elena Koloma The ordinance introduced a reform Lease Condemn the economic loss of Quito Municipality. In February, the Metropolitan Council approved a reduction in rental terms and conditions. For example, the possibility of renting space for days or hours is now being considered.

The mayor denounced that there has been “indifference to this issue in the last eight years.” This ensures an aggressive policy Debt Is Rules Public-private so as not to harm the city.

According to Metropolitan Department Property Management (Dmgbi), a municipal asset has no average rental value. It is also based on “various calculations and factors that weigh on the property” Tenancy law.

The values ​​fluctuate in such a way that the cost may be for one of the smallest places measured in square meters not within the municipality. $ 14 One month. Meanwhile he Much more expensiveOn a scale of only 1,499 square meters At $ 4,500.

The municipality of Quito registered 390 properties across the city in the custody of various administrations and organizations. Of these, 144 are without Lease.

All these details are in a balance divided in the regional administration. The document presents information such as addresses, footage, Lease feeThe condition of the property, among others, and the office of Councilor Colomer were provided in this newspaper.

The assets are in custody Regional Administration And it was requested in 2020. There is no clarity about liability for other properties.

Robert Jacom, The administrator of La Manzana Shopping Center, explained that Cabildo owns 55.95% of the property in the area. It is in the custody of three entities: the Dmgbi, the Manuela Sáenz Zonal Administration and the Secretariat of Inclusion.

He explained that he owns more than 70% of the property Abandoned And “tragic situations.” The deadline for them to adjust and be able to hire is May 31, however, they have asked municipalities for an extension of 90 days, which they say they will not accept.

The place has offices and premises of different sizes ranging from 22 to 80 square meters. As an example, there is a local, a private owner, 40 meters Rent USD 165 per month Plus a percentage of the expenditure which is paid according to the annual budget Maintenance.

The area of ​​the historic center where the largest number of properties exist. They add 220 and 106 of them are unemployed, General Secretariat of Territorial Coordination 2020’s.

In that section, it is followed by its area Los Chilos cWith 22 blank features, for the most part, inside Spa El Tingo And Moya.

Nelly Simbaña has been selling floats, bathing suits and pool accessories for over 20 years. He says that before that, more than 10 years ago, he sold inside the El Tingo Pool in the Los Chilos Valley.

Due to the number of requests from the zonal administration, he had problems with the reforms and went to work on the streets. She doesn’t want to go back now because the rent is too expensive.

“You can only work on the weekends and they want to earn more than USD 100. I prefer to stay away and have income to survive,” said the 41-year-old woman. On the best day he sells up to five dollars.

Products by regional administration

-In between La Mariscal Zonal Administration There are only two features. It is a commercial compound and a booth. Both are leased.

-The Zone Alloy Alfaro, southQuito has 15 farms. They all have expired leases.

26 farms under Administration of La Delicia Zone They are leased. Most with a deal since 2018.

– Indigenous assets in the custody of Kabildor cannot be sold. These must be rented out or disbursed on credit.

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