AMC blades can seize weapons. Photo: Twitter Quito Control Agent

Carrying Quito Knife Will be granted with economic fines. So he decided Metropolitan Council In this second debate on Thursday 2 June there were 17 votes in favor, one against, three abstentions and one absence.

This legal entity sets up prevention, care, protection and approval measures within its scope Metropolitan competitionTo prevent the risks and threats of peaceful coexistence and to allow the effective enjoyment of the rights of those who live there Metropolitan District of Quito.

The ordinance consists of seven chapters that set out the metropolitan system of civil security and coexistence, policy, Proper use of public spaceRegionalization of security policy, citizen participation and social control, evaluation, outcomes and prohibitions.

Concealer Bernard Abbott He explained that the fine for carrying a knife in public space is half of the basic salary, i.e. USD 212.50. In addition, weapons will be confiscated. On the other hand, if a person carries a knife in a tourist spot, metropolitan park and public transport, they will be fined a basic salary of 42 425.

For his part, Councilman Eduardo del Pozzo explained that the passage of the ordinance was due to the fact that at least 80% of crimes in Quito were committed using a knife. For this reason, this new regulation will allow intensification of activities and confiscation of these objects.

The Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC) is the municipal entity that will carry out all approved administrative procedures for the Commission on Violations of Types in Current National and Metropolitan Laws.

Understood by Knife ঐ All sharp, sharp, short sharp and short blunt elements such as Knives, penknives, daggers, awls, mittensBlackjack, machetes, hooks, awls, mallets, axes, penguins, goat legs, rapiers, daggers, sabers, swords or any other object with similar features, which may be used as a weapon of threat, injury or defensive or offensive nature. Carrying out human life in accordance with the provisions of Article 478 of the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code.

The ordinance further considers that people who, because of their work, have sharp tools will not be allowed. For example, a worker who peels a coconut and peels it. “It’s a tool of his work and there’s no approval,” Del Pozzo said.

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