Past Holidays He left one Negative balance In Azuay and Cañar: A homeless man died after receiving several Stabbing In a fight, three more Hitman-style people were killed in the historic center of Quenca, and in the coastal canton of La Troncal, Kanar.

The first case occurred in the early hours of May and accordingly Research The man was lying on the stairs of the front door Mayor of Cuenca. The cause of the fight was not immediately known, but national police arrested the man and found one White weapon.

However, at the hearing Complaint filed, The judge ordered his release with alternative measures. In a public statement, the mayor, Pedro Palacios, said he regretted the incident and categorically denied the violence. “We demand that the situation be investigated and that he or she be held accountable for such heinous acts.”

Palacios added that the life of the Cuenca municipality carries out the project Approach Permanent to protect homeless people, so no one is sleeping on the steps of the entrance to the municipality building.

Three people have been killed in Hitman style

Angel and George S., aged 35 and 33, and Michael V., 25, were Expulsion For Unknown Who came by a vehicle and a motorcycle AccommodationLocated in the Corina del Paral Sector, a coastal canton bordering the province Guas.

The incident happened today Monday, May 2, and the scene Crime They found 12 ballistic evidence. According to a preliminary investigation by the National Police, these individuals are believed to be involved in drug trafficking. Two of them were recently released from prison and they were all members of it Criminal organization ‘Orfe Junior’.

In Pain Among the relatives, the body was taken to the morgue of Dario Machuca Hospital in the same cantonment for autopsy. The The police Warned that it could lead to more retaliatory crimes.

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