Queen Elizabeth II was led to her right by her son and heir, Charles, who came to the palace on horseback after surveying the parade troops. Photo: EFE

The United Kingdom Offers a sincere tribute from Thursday, June 2, 2022 Queen Isabel IIThe woman who marked the last century of the country and who came to the palace and received the warmth of thousands of people Buckingham To receive your greetings from the balcony.

Military parade with which British monarchs have been officially celebrating their birthdays for almost three centuries (called “Trooping the Color”). Four days of the festival Platinum Jubilee and 70th Anniversary of Elizabeth on the Throne.

Even after that Fragile state of healthSovereign was not disappointed: he went to the verandah to review the troops and welcomed the thousands of people who had gathered around the stands and the palace.

Be aware that it is quite possible that this is yours The last jubileeAt the age of 96, participants showed an enthusiasm to join the great ceremony, according to the most experienced observers.

Honors Queen Elizabeth II

“Hip hip … hurray!” Thousands roared as the royal family witnessed the 70-year-old flyby Military aircraft On their heads. Some wanted to start the song “Happy Birthday” without much success.

Thanks to the screens, a smiling queen could be seen holding a cane, wearing sunglasses and wearing an elegant azure blue coat, with which her last official portrait was photographed, was released late Wednesday.

The queen was carried to her right by her son and heir CarlosWho came to the palace on horseback after examining the parade soldiers.

Missing from the balcony was Prince Andrew, who was linked to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and is now a social criminal and Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Henry and MeganWho are no longer an active part of the royal family.

Despite everything, Prince Charles’ youngest son and his wife stood behind a window to follow the “Trooping the Color” parade, where they were discovered by the camera with a relaxed attitude, along with other family members.

Andres, on the other hand, will not be able to take part in any official activity as he tested positive for Covid this Thursday.

Always ready to recreate the latest detail, the British media has also chosen to view the gesture and facial gallery displayed by the younger Lewis, the king’s great-grandson and Prince William’s second son in inheritance.

A beautiful city

The low return of 60 planes and helicopters in the skies of London marked the high point of the day.

Gathering in the thousands on the iconic Avenue The Mall, those in attendance could not hide their enthusiasm, nor was Elizabeth II herself on the balcony.

“It’s a platinum jubilee. I don’t think anyone will ever see anything like it again. We will never be able to serve a king for so long. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, “said Roy, who is in the audience.

This former military man made a point that everyone remembers today: “From the day I was born, she is my queen.”

According to records, King Louis XIV of France (1643-1715), one of the great European sovereigns, knew of a long reign.

Party for four days

The salute from the parade and balcony was just the first four-day event that has been declared a holiday in the country and will be celebrated with thousands of street parties and an intense official agenda.

On Thursday night, torch lighting will be held, where more than 3,000 cities in the UK will light torches in honor of Elizabeth II.

And tomorrow, Friday, there will be an event where the Queen herself attaches great importance to her deep religious beliefs: a Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where the King is expected to be present.

“Glamor” will replace the style on Saturday night, with a great concert in front of Buckingham Palace hosted by the BBC where Alicia Keys or Craig David will perform, among others.

And on Sunday, the closing of the festival, with a new parade, this time of a “civilian” nature, where the presence of prominent figures in British society is expected.

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