Small, with a leisurely walk, a frank smile and a firm hand. That’s how it is Isabel IIThe longest-lived queen and who was the only one this Sunday, February 6th British King Who celebrates 70 years on the throne.

But in his absence this record has been tarnished Dead husbandVarious family conflicts and a poor health.

Although the monarchy has not played an executive role in these seven decadesIsabel II Has become a central figure in the life of the nation, a focal point of British identity, unity and pride, as well as its “stability and Continuity To the country ”, according to experts.

But we will have to wait until June to celebrate this historic milestone. The Buckingham Palace He organized a great party between June 2 and 5, with stylish activities all over the country and a jubilee luncheon in the palace gardens.

Extending the celebration is explained by two factors. The first reason, at the age of 95, is that the king should take care of his fine health and it would not be ideal to celebrate in the middle of winter. And the second reason Isabel sees this with 6 February Mixed feeling, Since this is the same day as the 70th anniversary of the death of her father, King George V, she will be leaving her loving husband for the first time, Duke of EdinburghWho died a year ago.

“The Queen is above all these celebrations,” said Monica Ellison, an expert on issues RoyaltyElizabeth II remarked that “she was born and raised for service, and it is engraved in her blood.”

That feeling is reflected in her name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, officially Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, United Kingdom Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and their other states and territories, head of the Commonwealth, keeper of the faith, (born 21 April 1926) London, England) Is the official title of the Sovereign, who has entered the longest history since today, February 6, 1952, ruling the destiny of this nation of more than 64 million inhabitants.

His life spanned nearly a century of history, witnessing and participating in the most important political and economic decisions, not only in his country but also in world geopolitics. WWII Up to Covid-19.

Isabel II is alive, without question, as ordered by her biographers to “live for service” from her birth. The destiny of the sovereign has ruled Thousands of issuesBut he also has a prominent family, including four children, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Since he ascended the throne, at the time of its fall Imperial power In Great Britain, Elizabeth achieved that hello as the mother of a generation of British, who regarded her as a symbol of stability.

A year to forget

In her seven decades as king, the queen seemed increasingly aware of her modern role MonarchyFor example, in 1970 the television of the royal family’s domestic life and in 1978 allowed the formal dissolution of his sister’s marriage.

The fact is that his fate as a sovereign was marked by one of the most iconic love scandals of the last century and it moved him. British crown.

1992 is the year Elizabeth defined the royal family as “Anus Haribilis”. Prince Charles and his wife, Diana, Princess of WalesThey are divided, as are Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York. Also, Anne was divorced and the royal residence at Windsor Castle was destroyed in the fire.

The separation and subsequent divorce (1996) of Charles and the extremely popular Diana further eroded the support of the royal family, which some saw as old-fashioned and sensitive. The Critic Intense after Diana’s death in 1997, especially when the Queen initially refused permission National flag Half the staff flew over Buckingham Palace.

Since then, the Queen has tried to present a less suffocating image and Traditional. But in the last two years, Isabelle has not hesitated to show her hand to her family.

After consulting with his eldest son and heir, Dr. Prince Carlos, And her grandson Prince William, according to the media, chose to remove Queen Prince Andrew, whose friendship with businessman Jeffrey Epstein, accused of child abuse, has influenced the British royal family.

Sovereign Andres did not move his hand to withdraw the noble and military title from him so that he could face possible trial as an ordinary citizen. New York After being accused of sexually abusing a minor two decades ago.

In addition to the Duke of York, the Queen still faces the consequences of her departure Dukes of SussexEnrique and Megan of the royal house, after the Duchess brought racist allegations against the royalty in 2021, and the Duke took that judicial step to protect her.

Enrique, who lives in the United States, went to court because he could not pay the police under an agreement reached with his family when he retired from royalties in 2020. Security His family, as he wishes, when he lives in the UK.

Thus, “no one in his family does anything without the consent of Elizabeth II, who is in favor of simplicity in court life, as well as being up to date.” Business Of the government, of Traditional and formal duties”, As those close to the king seem to be eternal.

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