The Russian President Vladimir PutinThis Tuesday, April 12, 2022, which confirmed It is “impossible” to isolate Russia in the modern world. With the ban on Russian military operations in Ukraine and the country will work with partners who still support it. Clarin Media Outlet described it in detail.

“We are not going to isolate ourselves. In the modern world there is no way to strictly isolate anyone And for a country as large as Russia (to be isolated) it is completely impossible, “he said during a visit to the Russian Vostokny Cosmodrome in the far east of the country.

So we will work with partners who want to communicateEven with Russia, says the head of the Kremlin, who traveled to the Amur region Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus.

Achieving great goals

He was also the President of Russia Surely the Russian armed forces will achieve the “great” goal To protect the people of Donbass with a military operation in Ukraine.

“So be it. There is no doubt (the armed forces will achieve their objectives). The objectives are clear and noble”, he noted during the visit.

The speech was broadcast on state television Rossia 24.

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