The Tax Ecuador’s sentence is up to 10 years in prison. This is indicated by Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP).

This offense is configured when a person or company conceals, excludes, lies or deceives Tax administration. This is to stop fulfilling its obligations or to stop paying all or part of it Tribute That it is consistent.

These actions are considered tax fraud

When Internal Revenue Service (SRI) Suspect, evidence or an alleged discovery Tax You must report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The director of the company Carlos Calero mentioned this. Accounting Advisor.

There are 20 acts of this type of crime which are considered fraudulent. Here are some of them:

  • Use conjecture or false identification or identification when requesting registration, update or cancellation Tax administration
  • Print or use receipts for sales or retention or supplementary documents that are not authorized Tax administration.
  • Provide reports with false, incomplete, distorted or adulterated products, information, statistics, situations or backgrounds.
  • In the state Tax return False, incomplete, distorted or adulterated information.
  • Imitate one or more laws, contracts to get or give the benefit of subsidy, reduction, rebate or tax incentive.
  • Inappropriately obtained a Tax returns, Interest or penalty.
  • Use interposed natural persons, or phantom or accused legal persons, living in Ecuador or any other jurisdiction to avoid tax obligations.

Punishment for tax evasion is imprisonment.

According to COIP, Tax It carries a maximum penalty of one to 10 years in prison, depending on the type of fraudulent act committed.

The law establishes that the maximum punishment will be applied in each case, according to the amount Fraud It is also fined The highest sentence And it is considered Intense fraud, When one or more officers or employees participate Tax administration. This will result in removal of the said officers or servers from the office.

For its crime Tax There are also fines. For example, legal persons, companies or businesses who commit this crime will be granted a fine Extinction of legal entity And a payment 50 to 100 Unified Basic Salary.

The SRI Indicates that it runs a municipal process to control tax evasion. In that sense, the entity’s director, Marisol Andrad, reported in the rendering of the account that 75 759 million had been recovered. Collection action And for USD 739 million Control process.

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