The Dukes of Sussex, Enrique and Megan, arrive at San Pablo Cathedral, although they keep a low profile. Photo: EFE / Blue Hall

The Mass Which is celebrated this Friday, June 3, 2022 70 years On its throne Queen Isabel II It begins at 10:30 a.m. at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London Without presence Of KingHe followed the law on television and suffered “some inconvenience” and was replaced by his son Charles from England.

The heir to the throne, the firstborn of the Sovereign, today represents his mother in the Thanksgiving service, where other members of the royal family, such as his wife, are present. Zanderel woman Cornish or Dukes of CambridgeWilliam and Catherine.

Other members of the royal family – cousins, grandchildren of Elizabeth II – were present at the cathedral together.

Members of the Navy, the British Army and the country’s air force, dressed in red uniforms and bear-skinned hats, stood at the entrance to the cathedral’s “Great West Door” before the start of the rally.

Guest: Dukes of Sussex With low profile

They attended the ceremony Dukes of SussexHarry and Meghan, who left the United States with the monarchy to move to the United States two years ago, have had very low profile visits to the United Kingdom.

The couple took part in Trooping the Color Military Parade on Thursday, although they were away from the spotlight, away from the former office of the Duke of Wellington, with more than 30 family members.

The Archbishop of YorkRev. Stephen Cottrell, archbishop of Caterbury today, is in charge of conducting religious services in place of Rev. Justin Welby, who has been attacked by Covid-19.

Among the 2,000 guests, the British Prime Minister, Conservative Boris Johnson, his wife, Carrie, and the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Carey Starmer, as well as other political representatives, were in the crowd to pay their respects on the 70th anniversary. Sovereign service

The 400 people who have been recognized by Elizabeth II for their services to the NHS-public health system – and officials from other countries considered necessary for their work during the epidemic – were also invited.


An official statement yesterday indicated, Sovereign Joined the service from his residence in Windsor, Berkshire and is expected Rest The castle after witnessing a low-flying military plane from the balcony of Buckingham Palace (London) on Thursday, after a military parade marking his birthday and after going to some lighting in Windsor last night.

An official spokesman for Buckingham Palace noted that “The queen enjoyed it a lot Birthday parade and flight (yesterday), but I felt some discomfort. “

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