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Protests against abortion in New York

This Saturday, April 9, 2022, dozens of people, mostly women, participated New York In favor of The right to abortionThe call was made in 12 cities in the United States, and in several states, such as Texas and Oklahoma, voices were raised against the restrictions imposed on this right.

Participants gathered in Union Square in the south, with signs in English and Spanish calling for granting abortion on request only. ManhattanTo listen to various women’s rights activists, as well as women who have described their personal experiences Secret abortion

“We came here because we value life. Don’t be fooled by those fascists, Religious extremists Those who claim to value life and what they do undermine women’s rights and turn us into child-bearing machines, “said Karina Iber-Jacobs, a speaker on the floor.

Iber-Jacobs also mentioned the future of abortion in the United States, which is in the hands of the United States. Supreme Court It will not rule on this until the end of June or the beginning of July.

Since the Supreme Court legalized abortion through its decision in the 1973 “Row vs. Wade” case, the practice has been allowed in the United States until the moment of “love” outside the fetus. Womb A limit that is now around 23 or 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Given this conservative majority The courtEverything indicates that her declaration will be in favor of limiting the right to abortion.

Meanwhile, several conservative states are already restricting or banning the exercise of this right.
The latest has been Oklahoma, whose House approved Tuesday Bill Except in cases where abortion is prohibited, where the mother’s life is at risk and it will become the most prohibited law in the country.

“We refuse to let the Supreme Court refuse Humanity One tenth of women and their rights ”, can be read on two posters on either side of the Improvised Stage where various participants attacked the harassment of their rights.

Mexican Maria Menes, representing the “Women in Resistance” group, assured Ife that she was in protest. Freedom For women to make decisions and underline: “Our Latin and color communities have less access to services such as marginalization and abortion, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

“We are here on behalf of our community, so that our voices can be heard, because there are many places where abortions are being performed. Illegal way And people are dying there, people are having abortions for themselves, we don’t think it’s fair, “said Menis, who also hinted at his country and other Latin American countries.

The Protest They were also called in other cities such as Atlanta (Georgia), Austin (Texas), Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago (Illinois) or Los Angeles (California).

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