Employees were fired. So far no damage has been reported to the infrastructure. Photo: Twitter ca suca04

A group of protesters entered the facilities of the local operational center ECU 911 MacasInside Morona-Santiago. This event happened yesterday (Saturday, June 25, 2022).

Also, access roads to these facilities are closed at the moment. This was indicated by its integrated service ECU security 911, through a statement. It was not immediately clear if the infrastructure was damaged.

This Sunday, June 26, 2022, it was revealed that after that break-in, “those who work in the facility were immediately removed to protect their integrity and safety.”

That help center has made that clear Emergency services It keeps Active “Thanks to the management model at the national level that allows routing ECU Center 911 The closest, the protocol that applies to this type of event. ”

In a statement, the agency also said: “We call for peace and remind citizens that ECU 911 The goal is to coordinate emergency care and save lives. ”

During the second rally in Agora of the House of Culture, the head of #Konai, Leonidas Iza, talks about those who died in the context of the protests. Https://bit.ly/3I0tdp9

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Sunday, June 26, 2022


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