The Babayo-Guakil road was blocked at the entrance to Juzan Canton, at the height of the Mamanica compound. Photo: Courtesy of EMNEMNoticias

The Black smoke column Could be seen for miles. As part of the national strike, dozens of protesters took to the streets and burned tires Jujan-three polesTraffic closed in the province Guas Y The rivers.

Farmers also used tractors to pull trees and trees on the road. Montalvo-Babahoyo, 24 May at the height of the perimeter. Ecu 911 five registered Blocked path In the province The rivers This Thursday, June 23, 2022 until mid-morning (10:30).

Block in the Jujan-Tres Postes section, in Via Guayaquil-BabahioThe altitude continued until last afternoon Mamanika Sector. The highway connecting the cantons of two provinces, Juzan, Yaguachi and Duran, was deactivated around 8:00 p.m. Trees have also been planted Roadblocks Vehicles

Rows at the Babayo terminal

In favor of this movement in the midst of blockades and demonstrations Indigenous national strikeThe reason for the long wait line Babayo Terrestrial Terminal, In the capital of Los Rios. There, dozens of interstate transport users were waiting for the highway to open or for buses to leave through it. Alternative path.

Genelie Jimenez, Director of Operations TransroadIndicate that the closed cover prevents the exit of the cooperative Babayo-Guakil route. The terminal starts sending buses by an alternative route: via the Simon Bolivar-Mariskal Sucre-Milagro section.

But bus owners and drivers fear Loss of unit In DemonstrationSo the risk of taking some units Alternative pathJimenez mentioned.

Closed in Los Rios

Two roads were also damaged in the morning Canton WindowsA block at the height of the sector ercilla And in another way Mochache, Cold Water Sector. On the route Cuevedo-San Carlos A blockage in its height was also reported Happy jungleAt the entrance of Pavón.

Added disabled sections Jujan-three poles And Montalvo-Bahahoyo. Emergency measures Ecu 911 Babahoyo Updates track status on their social networks throughout the day.

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