Referential image. In Jungle Battalion No. 55, Putumayo, there was a clash. Photo courtesy.

The Prosecution Opened, this Tuesday, May 17, 2022, by a preliminary investigation Two rifles stolen And an attack on two soldiers guarding Jungle Battalion No. 55. Putumayo (Succumbs).

The incident happened on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 11:30 p.m. There’s one Clashes between soldiers and suspected criminals. The suspects wounded two army members and stole two HK rifles. Then they entered the forest and fled.

Milton Rodriguez, commander of the 19th Jungle Brigade, detailed the event. “We were attacked at one of our command posts. The perpetrators use darkness and vegetation to breach the security of the barracks, “said the military chief.

He also spoke about the health condition of the two injured uniformed officers. From the beginning Military “They hit him on the head with a blunt weapon, causing him to become one Severe brain injuryWhen the second one is wearing a uniform Received 13 stab wounds.

They are both a Lago Agrio Hospital, Still, Will be transferred to a hospital in Quito, Due to the severity of his injuries.

According to Rodriguez, the soldier who was stabbed is in stable health and has serious head injuries.

Action after the attack

From May 16, 2022, to staff Armed forces Conducts area search and trace operations. The purpose is to find those responsible for the attack.

Commander Rodriguez said suspects in the violent attack could be members Colombia’s irregular armed groups Or also Members of criminal gangs, Which work in the country.

“They have Extreme security measures Throughout the battalion and in military units belonging to the 19th Jungle Brigade. The Dureno-Tarapoya road is controlled And it has coordinated with Colombian border units to warn about this, “said Land Force.

According to the Ecuadorian army, in recent weeks there have been “serious attacks on irregular armed groups and common criminals” in that part of the country.

Rodriguez mentions that they have Conflict in Putumayo River Sector, They found coca orchards on islands along that river, and they also found weapons, ammunition, and hideouts used by irregular armed groups.

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