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The Treasury State General, Diana SalazarProtect a start Research Condemnation against 93 MPs Lorry in Guadalupe (Five-legged), President of Parliament. The head of the legislature instructed them that there were no allegations of compliance with precautionary measures when creating one. Commission To investigate it.

Salazar stressed that the agency “has an obligation to investigate everything Complaint Which are presented to him by a citizen and he is not likely to decide whether to accept them because then he will violate them. Function Denies him access to justice. ”

The officer spoke in a video released on him Social mediaOn Friday, May 6, the prosecutor’s office informed 93 rally members about the process, which was condemned by Llori.

Lorry’s complaint process

The move comes despite the fact that President Lori EL COMERCIO has not yet been recognized. Signature and Rubric Or he didn’t provide his version, about Complaint He filed the complaint on April 26 alleging non-compliance with the valid decision of the appropriate authority.

“The prosecutor’s office has launched a preliminary investigation, which is a pre-trial phase that allows the collection of material for the charge and discharge to find out if a crime has been committed,” Salazar said.

The official assured that the judiciary would “not interfere or interfere in any other business” and called on the country’s politicians and leaders not to try to use the prosecutor’s office, judiciary and criminal law. Conflict “It simply came to our notice then.

The legal coordinator spoke about the scope of the complaint

Santiago Salazar, Coordinator Legal Of AssemblyThrough an official letter, the prosecutor’s office clarified that 81 people should be investigated MLAThose who were approved by the Commission of Inquiry, and not against 93 who supported Change in agenda Plenary session 772 of April 26 for the said procedure.

“93 have been informed Assembly Those who voted to change the agenda. However Violation Speaking properly Risk management The criminal guarantee is consistent with the court order 81 MPsWho were the people who voted for the formation, ”the official explained.

The head of the legislature has assured that he will take legal action, considering that the “political problem is over”, as he has maintained that the majority Assembly His interests violated the parliamentary system Delete it Charge

Lori commented that she was summoned last Monday Office of the Attorney General of the State To his surrender Version And for this reason acknowledge the signature and the signature, but that he was not present and requested to suspend this perseverance.

“I have lodged a complaint. But until then. From there I didn’t recognize the signature and signature or I didn’t render my version, ”he said.

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