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There are more every day Companies and professionals Those who do business all over the world, so master English It has ceased to be an option and has become a primary requirement in all professions.

However, in some industries this is even more necessary BilingualDirected by Consuelo Hidalgo, Cultural Director of the Ecuadorian Center for North America (CEN)

“English is a key language in the professional development of certain jobs, not only because it represents a fundamental tool for dialogue and day-to-day dealings, but also because it Mother tongue In which innovation, innovation and development of the mentioned sector is presented, ”he mentioned.

CEN representative details Top 10 occupations Those who demand bilingual training today:

1. Foreign Trade: Negotiations and connections are often conducted by large companies or Opinion leaders Those who communicate in English. Even in Asian countries, which are prominent merchants, it is the language of choice for doing business.

2. Marketing and communication: In this profession, even from its study, multiple ideas are found which are born from English. Marketing, it is commonly known Marketing, It is based on the terminology of this language. In fact, the most recognized author of this specialization is English-speaking.

3. Tourism and hospitality: This is an activity that, due to its nature, depends on several inclusions per day Native language, Especially English. “The language is a key tool in this sector, as it serves as a bridge between multiple cultures and nationalities,” Hidalgo said.

4. Computer: Careers closely related to computing and systems require commands in English from their study, as many Platform Only available in this language where it is developed.

5. Medicine: This profession is the most variable and where we see the biggest improvement on a daily basis. Since its progress, theoretical content and even success stories Pharmacological studies Or technological innovation, presented to the scientific community in English.

6. Science and technology: The development of technology has led to change and marked the course of the world as we know it today. This scientific-technological development is based on discovery and Research Experts from different countries, who have consistently agreed on the cooperation presented in this language.

7. Diplomacy: One of the foundations of this professional branch is to establish strong and lasting connections with the international community. Politically and Cultural level And commercial, English is a language that allows different nationalities to be connected.

8. Teaching: In teaching, English means a key tool when it comes to influencing the audience (students). For a professional EducationStaying up-to-date is very important, especially when the change is almost immediate.

9. Meaning: Knowing the financial markets and their behavior in depth is almost impossible without English high command. Major transactions and Financial system Globally, they are linked to the listing of shares in the banking or stock market, controlled by the English language.

10. Advocacy: Although this career will depend on the country and the specialization in which it develops, having command in English is an important advantage when analyzing. International precedent. In addition, projects of a legal nature that are often presented across borders, especially in the case of high-impact industries or global brands.

The use of fluent English in these and other careers allows professionals to gain an advantage in the labor market, such as Sebastian Lima, representative. Adeco In Ecuador, a human resource management company.

It’s time to learn English. Ecuador remains one of the two countries Latin America With the worst level of English language command, just above Mexico. According to the EF EPI (English Skills Index) 2021, the score is 440 out of 1,000.

Note that the second application must be accessed Third level education It will end this Sunday, May 22, 2022 During this time, it is important to learn English, if the students do not achieve a good level during school

Senescyt has reported that before 40,000 seats This last chance is available.

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